Definition of back pay in English:

back pay


  • Payment for work done in the past that was withheld at the time, or for work that could have been done had the worker not been prevented from doing so.

    ‘Hickman should be provided back pay plus any expenses’
    • ‘More than 357000 Eastern Cape pensioners are to benefit from nearly R393 million in backpay to be paid out to them by the provincial Welfare Department starting from June.’
    • ‘The provincial government has budgeted R35 million for the first phase of backpay for the thousands of beneficiaries who have been unlawfully removed from the social security system since 1996.’
    • ‘Provinces have subsequently had to calculate which of their social grant beneficiaries were paid too little backpay in the past.’
    • ‘The provincial Welfare Department had agreed to re-instate, with backpay, the disability grants of all those who qualified.’
    • ‘This means that each beneficiary would get a certain amount of backpay once the grant had been formally approved.’
    • ‘The high court here yesterday ordered the Eastern Cape Welfare Department to pay two years' backpay with interest to a permanently disabled Quigney resident.’
    • ‘R500 million is provided for backpay for teachers who received no pay progression between 1996 and 2002.’
    • ‘Other senior managers also received about R60 000 in backpay for their car allowances, much to the dismay of ordinary staff members.’
    • ‘I have no medical benefits to cover myself and my children and now I have no hope of receiving any backpay.’
    • ‘It was for backpay for beneficiaries who must now be paid social grants from the date of application rather than the date of approval.’
    • ‘Both men believe they should be entitled to damages, as well as to their backpay.’
    • ‘But while still grieving, she was appalled when she received a bill from the council for £11.33 - backpay on rates relief she had received for her son for the year to the end of March.’
    • ‘If the action is successful, it will mean the department may have to reinstate, with backpay, the disability grants of every single person whose grant was cancelled between March 1996 and last July.’
    • ‘About 5000 nurses in rural clinics and district hospitals qualified for the special grants, and would receive backpay from April, he said here.’
    • ‘The management then reinterpreted the pay agreement, declaring the two months pay was an advance on workers' future wages, not backpay for the duration of the strike.’
    • ‘It is believed that the municipality owes its workers more than R20m, which includes backpay on pensions, retirement funds, UIF and leave grants.’
    • ‘However because the contract has been backdated to the start of the current season, he will pick up backpay reportedly of around £4.6million.’
    • ‘The Welfare Department has refused to pay interest on backpay cheques the high court here ordered it to give the four disabled people who launched a class action against it.’
    • ‘He said that of the $160 million earmarked for national security, $95 million would be spent on backpay and $65 million on development works.’
    • ‘What remains of my backpay will probably have to be spent on replacing the spouting by my back door.’