Definition of Bach, Johann Sebastian in English:

Bach, Johann Sebastian

proper noun

  • (1685–1750), German composer. An exceptional and prolific baroque composer, his compositions range from violin concertos, suites, and the six "Brandenburg Concertos" (1720–21) to clavier works and sacred cantatas. Large-scale choral works include "The Passion according to St. John" (1723), "The Passion according to St. Matthew" (1729), and the "Mass in B minor" (1733–38). Three of his sons were also well-known composers: J. C. Bach (1735–82), known as the London Bach, full name Johann Christian Bach ; J. C. F. Bach (1732–95), known as the Bückeburg Bach, full name Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach ; and W. F. Bach (1710–84), known as the Halle Bach, full name Wilhelm Friedemann Bach.


Bach, Johann Sebastian