Definition of Bacchic in US English:



  • 1Relating to Bacchus or the worship of Bacchus.

    ‘I adopted its religion and celebrated the Bacchic rites’
    • ‘Their research revealed that more than a few Bacchic and Dionysian cults survived the fall of Rome and the Rise of Christianity, and some still exist to this day.’
    • ‘Since Bacchic rituals involve the direct possession of the initiates with the spirit of Dionysus himself, their actions are representative of the nature of Dionysus.’
    • ‘There were Dionysia in Greece and Bacchic festivals in Rome and, allegedly, in more rural areas, traces of the Greek ones survive to this day.’
    • ‘As in Roman art in general, Bacchic scenes and imagery are very common in these mosaics.’
    • ‘Some vessels and jewellery are adorned with traditional pagan motifs, such as hunting and Bacchic scenes, or Hercules wrestling the giant Antaeus.’
    • ‘The Orphic literature influenced many Bacchic mystery groups in antiquity.’
    1. 1.1 Drunken and debauched.
      ‘in the evening, this bar becomes positively Bacchic’
      • ‘But in spirit these orderly scenes barely nod to the bacchic mayhem that propelled the Jazz Age towards the Wall Street Crash.’
      • ‘The exceptional attentiveness of its staff and the renowned, almost Bacchic temptations of its dining room are easily enough to satisfy the most demanding of tastes.’
      • ‘Kids studying abroad have earned a dubious reputation for public drunkenness and vulgar behavior to the extent that university websites warn students against the dangers of Bacchic excess.’
      • ‘She became a popular member of the community, respected for her dedication and kindness, and her tolerance of the more Bacchic aspects of island life.’
      • ‘Intermittently, she seems self-satisfied, demure, and - most tellingly considering the truly Bacchic quantities of red wine she's putting away - drunk.’