Definition of B-tree in US English:



  • An organizational structure for information storage and retrieval in the form of a tree in which all terminal nodes are the same distance from the base, and all nonterminal nodes have between n and 2n subtrees or pointers (where n is an integer).

    • ‘Inverse lists can do many things that the B-tree indexes commonly used by a relational database cannot.’
    • ‘A B-tree is a data structure used frequently in database indexing and storage routines.’
    • ‘This article explains why balanced trees are better than unbalanced trees and why B + trees are better than B-trees by explaining and applying the principles of caching.’
    • ‘It is a generation ahead of alternatives that use older, plain B-tree technology and that cannot store the files themselves in the tree.’
    • ‘Berkeley DB XML stores nodes in a B-tree, where node IDs are allocated in document order, which also is an iteration order on the B-tree.’