Definition of b-day in US English:


(also b'day)


  • ‘Rebecca got her ears pierced for her 5th b-day’
    short for birthday
    • ‘Rebecca got her ears pierced for her 5th b-day.’
    • ‘To make it even more special, my sister-in-law's family all thought it was my b'day and they got me a cake and cards.’
    • ‘And, as you know, Beyoncé has released the first single from her "B-Day" album - "Déjà Vu."’
    • ‘Apart from the little chat we had on his b'day I've not heard from him since.’
    • ‘I was looking forward to seeing you on my b-day.’
    • ‘Yep, staring down the barrel of a 30th b-day is good that way.’
    • ‘I was there a few weeks ago for a B'Day Party which was held on the first floor bar.’
    • ‘He trooped in with a loud cheer and congratulated the b'day boy.’
    • ‘I need to go to my dad's house and get my b-day present.’
    • ‘I almost never honor my celebrations - I rarely do much for my b'day or other holidays.’
    • ‘Later, the b'day girl had an absolutely wild time on the dance floor!’
    • ‘Best of luck with the interview, and happy b'day by the way.’
    • ‘Tuesday night, they took over the San Remo room at Tony's to celebrate Cerón's b'day with 32 friends.’
    • ‘I even had the option of sending it in a Happy B-day box courtesy of the US postal system.’
    • ‘Hang in there and rest and you'll feel better by your b-day!’
    • ‘We share a birthday, (which is way cooler than sharing a b-day with Jerry Lewis).’
    • ‘But I figure i still have to get a gift for the B-day and that was the hard part.’
    • ‘Why did I let him sucker me into to marrying him on his B-day.’
    • ‘I was at a friend's co-ed b-day party.’
    • ‘Tomorrow's my b'day!’
    • ‘Summary: On Marissa's twentieth b-day her friends take her out to party where she ends up being tricked into spending time with a male escort for three days.’
    • ‘Paul and Billy agreed on helping the girls decorate the bus with Happy B-Day signs, and streamers.’
    • ‘Less that 26 hours till Charlton kick off the new season and only a few hours till my B'day.’
    • ‘Well, yesterday was my b'day and my good husband insisted that we should go to some wonderful restaurant and eat.’
    • ‘Expect lots of bills to flutter out of your b-day cards.’
    • ‘And this is coming from a guy who likes spiders and shares a b-day with Shatner.’
    • ‘Happy Birthday: There was great night in the Bar on Friday night as Dona Smith celebrated her 18 B-day.’
    • ‘Then on Sunday, I'm gonna try and pop up to my parent's house in Dundalk - it's my sisters b'day next week, so I'd like to drop a prezzie up.’
    • ‘I have a couple of things socked away for her actual b-day on Sunday.’
    • ‘Really, my excuse is that I've been really busy and I was writing a story for my good friend's b-day.’