Definition of b-ball in US English:



North American
  • Basketball.

    • ‘He was useless at b-ball and he spent his lunch break with his friends who did not play, watching them practice.’
    • ‘Memorial Day Weekend 2002 will certainly be a memorable one for b-ball fanatics, with the Nets' historic collapse on Saturday and then yesterday's eerily similar disintegration by the Kings.’
    • ‘I forgot to mention that Chris and I are both on the school's b-ball team.’
    • ‘The game between the Nets and the Sixers yesterday afternoon made for some entertaining b-ball.’
    • ‘The Atlanta Hawks hired former Grizzlies GM Billy Knight to be their head of b-ball operations.’
    • ‘Another photo showed Tyler playing b-ball with Nathan when he was about 8.’
    • ‘Big Sid lays it out there: ‘Playing pro b-ball was a dream and goal for me coming up.’’
    • ‘Building on a college basketball career, Jarvis played professional b-ball when she moved to Greece - the country's first salaried female athlete.’
    • ‘They spent 5 days at a college campus doing b-ball from 9 am till 9 pm.’
    • ‘Those looking for a more complex game of b-ball may not be interested’
    • ‘A deal is in the works for the first ever nationally televised regular-season high school boys b-ball game involving everyone's favorite child star LeBron James.’
    • ‘You wanna meet up for some b-ball after school?’
    • ‘I had my last track meet last Thursday so I'm completely free for b-ball.’
    • ‘Remember when you could chain-smoke and still play three hours of b-ball?’
    • ‘The injection of tricks into this exaggerated style of b-ball works splendidly.’
    • ‘In b-ball slang, ‘play your game’ means do whatever you think you're good at.’
    • ‘Why not introduce them and get him out of my way before he makes a fool out of me at b-ball practice?’
    • ‘We're just gonna eat first and play Frisbee or b-ball or whatever.’
    • ‘We played b-ball as usual on the gym, but I ditched the later part.’
    • ‘Whether you're a fan of b-ball or not, Magic's story must have touched your heart.’


1980s: contraction.