Definition of azan in US English:


(also adhan)


  • The Muslim call to ritual prayer, typically made by a muezzin from the minaret of a mosque.

    • ‘In the big cities or the remotest rural areas, the azan is called five times a day and the people gather for the congregational prayers at the proper times without fail.’
    • ‘The role of azan, which persists to the present day, grew from the increased demand for the professional composition and performance of hymns.’
    • ‘I found the restaurants and bars serving coffee and liquor with gusto and the cacophony raised by the tinkling of pegs and cups often made it impossible for us to hear azan from the mosque.’
    • ‘With the azan shrilling in the background, the curtain rose on the beautiful Kashmiri dancers holding basketfuls of yellow flowers and yellow hankies, moving in simple and sensuous formations.’
    • ‘But neither this, nor the additions they have in the azan or call to prayer, is reason to consider them non-believers.’


Mid 19th century: from Arabic 'aḏān ‘announcement’.