Definition of axman in US English:


(also axeman)


  • 1A person who works with an ax.

    ‘he was like an axman at work in a tangled thicket’
    • ‘The honorary recorder of York, Judge Paul Hoffman, jailed the axeman for seven years in December.’
    • ‘Two axemen arrived at nine in the morning armed with only axes and crosscut saws.’
    • ‘The party also included two flagmen, two chainmen, three axemen (to clear brush), a cook, and a teamster to look after two wagons and a pack train of mules.’
    • ‘The flagman, supplied with metal pins or wooden stakes, marked the spot determined by the deputy surveyor and toward which the axmen and chainmen aimed.’
    • ‘Hidden in a deep valley that is hard to reach, the waterfall was not known to the public until it was found accidentally by a local axeman in the late Song Dynasty.’
    • ‘There are various groups around Tasmania, smaller timber people we've spoken to, axemen that we've spoken to who say that the way the system is operating now they can't get wood.’
    • ‘He denied he was responsible for the injuries and said a stranger was the axeman in the park.’
    • ‘So there's the famous case of the mad axeman who breaks into your house and is threatening you and is asking where your children are hiding, do you tell the truth?’
    • ‘Down in the woodchop arena the spirit is the same - about 25 axemen here today competing for prize money of a few hundred dollars per event.’
    • ‘It's that scene in The Shining when Shelley Duvall stumbles across Jack Nicholson's literary labours, just before he turns into the mad axeman.’
    • ‘Hemphill has the bluest eyes I have ever seen, and in the article I say he would make a terrific mad axeman, a secret Norman Bates.’
    • ‘Legend has a lone berserker axeman defending the bridge until the sneaky English paddle under the bridge in a barrel and thrust a spear up through the wooden slats.’
    • ‘I admire his bravery - I'd be worried about a mad axeman husband turning up on my door if I got up to all that.’
    • ‘Two people were injured and a third left in shock yesterday after an axeman ran amok before launching a frenzied attack inside a historic abbey.’
    • ‘We wound our way along pitch-dark corridors and up staircases, as animatronic models of Dracula reared up at us out of coffins without warning and a masked axeman from the horror movie Scream brandished his axe at us.’
    • ‘During a route inspection survey of Elwood Pass in 1910, it was necessary to hire mule teams to pull the car up some grades and have axmen clear away fallen trees from the wagon road.’
    • ‘Bonk-bash-bonk he goes, like some demented axeman, and nothing will stop him.’
    • ‘A platform had been erected in the center of the square, and an axman's block stood at its center.’
    • ‘Once the surveyor had the direction, a team of axemen would be sent to hack out a path or vista through the trees.’
    • ‘There was more high drama at the woodchopping, where New Zealand's top axemen hacked their way to glory.’
  • 2informal A rock or jazz guitarist.

    • ‘Johnny Marr, who used to strum for The Smiths, is one; Bernard Butler, the former Suede axeman, another.’
    • ‘In the 1950s, axeman and lyricist Klaus Renft formed the Klaus Renft Combo, which channelled Berry, Haley, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and the Stones.’
    • ‘To his left stood David Genn, Matthew Good's former axeman, who was filling in on tour for Phil Comparelli.’
    • ‘He opens with a gorgeous study for prepared guitar, but the bulk of the record is given over to duets with fellow axemen.’
    • ‘If the mute axman ever sings over his guitar, I'm convinced that nothing short of the voice of Zuul will spit fiery phlegm through the speakers.’
    • ‘Providing the electrifying bass throb was Luke, all long tousled curls and dangling cigarette (a must for axemen of real distinction).’
    • ‘Andy's performance was especially impressive, as the diminutive axeman shifted from chunky rockers to white-soul wah-wahs with effortless dexterity.’
    • ‘On the second CD, all three axemen appear together for the first time ever.’
    • ‘In fact, my only similarity with the ultimate rock 'n' roll axeman is that I also like drinking inadvisable quantities of Jack Daniel's.’
    • ‘Ever wondered what happened to the arch axeman of the defunct Ultrasound?’
    • ‘This may be due to the partial disbanding prior to recording where only Tairrie and her multi-faceted prime axeman Mick Murphy were left to record The Brutal Language.’
    • ‘According to a Reuters report, Robert Plant plans to perform Hendrix's Hey Joe during his set as a tribute to the legendary axeman.’
    • ‘And rockers don't get rockier than AC-DC's axeman, Angus Young: ‘I'm sick to death of people saying we've made 11 albums that sound exactly the same,’ said Young recently.’
    • ‘‘Regardless of the record coming out,’ says second axeman Wade MacNeil, ‘we'd probably be doing this in my basement anyways.’’
    • ‘Although he's best known as the axman for enduring queercore innovators Pansy Division, Goodwin's finding that his latest side venture, fronting the metallic Dirty Power, is keeping him far busier.’
    • ‘There is also an interesting parallel between the two bands; Stones' vocalist Mick Jagger and Rooster's axeman Luck Potashnick both attended the London School of Economics.’
    • ‘Others wander distracted by music, belly dancers and axemen, all vying for attention - this show is truly massive.’
    • ‘As By Divine Right axeman Brian Borcherdt demonstrates with his second solo release, BDR frontman Jose Contreras isn't the only gifted writer in that band.’