Definition of axiom in English:



  • 1A statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.

    ‘the axiom that supply equals demand’
    • ‘It is a well-accepted axiom that the software ‘industry’ grew largely because of government indifference, not its help.’
    • ‘The taller the man, the bigger the hands is an axiom that doesn't necessarily hold true for wide receivers.’
    • ‘This story out of USA Today makes false the axiom that lightning never strikes the same place twice.’
    • ‘There's an old axiom that ‘Duty is heavier than a mountain, death is lighter than a feather.’’
    • ‘However the axiom that the quality and cost of the food in a revolving restaurant is in inverse proportion to the height of the tower doesn't apply here.’
    • ‘In few other areas of the law is there greater truth to the axiom that ‘justice delayed is justice denied.’’
    • ‘It was an axiom that Ireland assimilated settlers in one generation.’
    • ‘We have all heard the very true axiom that bookmakers really don't care who wins any given game, as long as there are equal amounts wagered on both sides.’
    • ‘The film is above all a mediation on the optimistic axiom that ‘life goes on’.’
    • ‘It has long been an axiom that history is re-written by each generation in terms that make sense to it.’
    • ‘With so much going on, there is an axiom that if you visit NY for a day you will see most of what you want; for a week, some of what you want; and if you live there, you will see none of it.’
    • ‘It is an axiom that every research establishment is strong to the extent of an unbreakable link existing between different generations.’
    • ‘It is an axiom that justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.’
    • ‘We all know the old axiom that writers are, by their very nature, liars.’
    • ‘But at some point, you must reach what one might call a moral axiom that you can't logically demonstrate.’
    • ‘Not that any political party cannot be expected to share the motherhood-and-apple-pie axiom that crime is a bad thing.’
    • ‘It is now an axiom that the overwhelming power of the American military machine has reshaped international affairs.’
    • ‘I decline to accept as an axiom that our fate is involved in that of France.’
    • ‘I start from the simple axiom that I own myself, that my life belongs to me and not to someone else.’
    • ‘I used to live by the axiom that it's easier to warm up in the cold than cool off in the heat.’
    accepted truth, general truth, dictum, truism, principle
    proposition, postulate
    maxim, saying, adage, aphorism
    apophthegm, gnome
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    1. 1.1Mathematics A statement or proposition on which an abstractly defined structure is based.
      • ‘Robert Simson of Glasgow University had, in his 1756 edition of the Elements, given a proof of the parallel axiom based on another assumption.’
      • ‘In 1904 he gave axioms for a boolean algebra then later, in 1933, he showed that a boolean algebra could be defined in terms of a single binary and a single unary operation.’
      • ‘He sees mathematics as ontology and so his return to philosophy is to a systematic one based on the axioms of set theory.’
      • ‘The second chapter presents a development of absolute and Euclidean geometry based on Hilbert's axioms.’
      • ‘Gödel showed, in 1940, that the Axiom of Choice cannot be disproved using the other axioms of set theory.’


Late 15th century: from French axiome or Latin axioma, from Greek axiōma what is thought fitting from axios worthy.