Definition of axially in US English:



  • See axial

    • ‘The work support system can be provided with centers or cradles, which allow easy axially loading and unloading of parts up to 12’ long.’
    • ‘One of the great surprises about Saturn so far is the fact that the measured internal planetary field is very axially symmetric.’
    • ‘These areas extended axially over 9-11 target zones along each thin filament and laterally over 12-15 thin filaments.’
    • ‘Shock absorption allows the spine to compress and rebound when the spine is axially loaded during such activities as jumping and running.’
    • ‘The roots were sectioned longitudinally and axially in two parts and the sections were placed for 3 h in the dark at room temperature in 0.22 M rhodamine-phalloidin (Molecular Probes, Inc).’