Definition of axenic in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting a culture that is free from living organisms other than the species required.

    • ‘Tips of generative shoots excised from flowering beets were the explants used to initiate axenic shoot cultures.’
    • ‘Proteinaceous matter released during the growth of an axenic diatom culture contains similar amino acid distributions across size fractions as in Delaware Bay samples.’
    • ‘Primary sporocysts were obtained after overnight axenic culture of miracidia as described.’
    • ‘Experiments that showed a PPFM strain could stimulate growth and development of a leafy liverwort in axenic culture were reported some time ago.’
    • ‘Duckweeds also have the advantage that they may be grown in axenic cultures, reproducing vegetatively.’


1940s: from a- ‘not’ + Greek xenikos ‘alien, strange’ + -ic.