Definition of awash in US English:



  • 1predicative Covered or flooded with water, especially seawater or rain.

    ‘the boat rolled violently, its decks awash’
    • ‘Yes, knowledge is better than ignorance, but isn't North America awash with sexual information?’
    • ‘But even that argument no longer applies now that Ireland is awash with euros, new factories and millionaires.’
    • ‘‘We reckoned we were awash with knowledge on how a marina should operate,’ he laughed.’
    • ‘I like the idea of dark banking transactions taking place in towns like Miltown Malbay, awash with transnational avarice.’
    • ‘And as the winter rains pour down, the camp is awash with sewage and rubbish.’
    • ‘How things have changed: we are awash with extra-virgin olive oil and have overdosed on sun-dried tomatoes.’
    • ‘The yacht lay alongside the pier at a sharp cant, its left side decks awash with water.’
    • ‘They did, and his end-of-tour report was not awash with praise.’
    • ‘The Catalan capital was awash with the cream of the European cinema.’
    • ‘The next morning there was a last-minute change of plan to avoid arriving back in London while it was awash with May Day demonstrators.’
    • ‘Aboriginal society is awash with politics, the politics of preferment.’
    • ‘The gutters were awash with dirty soot-flecked water, rushing down the storm-drain.’
    • ‘Edinburgh is awash with restaurants, some good - some not so good.’
    • ‘At the end of 2000, York was reduced to a sandbag city, hit by unprecedented levels of rain and awash with flood water.’
    • ‘Two walls of the gallery are covered with her canvases, awash with deep blues and cheerful yellows.’
    • ‘The old place, awash with memories, is now hosting its last season before the club moves to its huge new stadium at nearby Ashburton Grove.’
    • ‘Ireland is in fact awash with tax reliefs and incentives.’
    • ‘Zambian courts are always awash with petitions every after election.’
    • ‘This afternoon seemed awash with possibilities and promise.’
    • ‘Every investment bank in the City is said to be awash with potential deals, which is sparking guessing games as to who will fall on to the auction block next.’
    flooded, covered with water, under water
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    1. 1.1 Containing large numbers or amounts of someone or something.
      ‘the city was awash with journalists’
      • ‘The room is a beehive, awash with noise.’
      • ‘Closing her eyes in anticipation, awash in the sensations he was arousing in her, she waited.’
      • ‘The platform, we were told, was awash with horrid chemicals which would pollute vast areas of the pristine ocean.’
      • ‘The recent pages of our publications are awash in stories of credit difficulty.’
      • ‘Again, right now the world is awash in cheap money.’
      • ‘Her small face was awash with worry, her body language agitated.’
      • ‘Wimbledon has literally been awash with interruptions in its final week.’
      • ‘In the early 1950s, the Massey commissioners noted that universities remained islets of civilization awash in a growing sea of materialism.’
      • ‘The movie is awash in liberal stereotypes.’
      • ‘The media industry - no less than the campaign system - is awash in oceans of dollars.’
      • ‘Declared biologically dead in 1957, the Thames is now awash with wildlife, ecologists say.’
      • ‘The streets are awash with people speaking English.’
      • ‘They are reckoned to be the craziest in a city awash with yellow lines.’
      • ‘Still awash in relief at leaving behind the murky realm of differing ideologies, Anne giggled nervously.’
      • ‘Just today I heard from someone who came to see me in my office just exactly how awash with cash Government departments are.’
      • ‘With the streets awash in dead frogs, small talk is no longer the order of the day.’
      • ‘Cartwright Hall - one of Bradford's most magnificent venues for weddings - will soon be awash with all things matrimonial.’
      • ‘Soon enough he was inside, awash in cool dim light from above.’
      • ‘Common sense dictates that most people, awash in their own ignorance, far prefer to lecture than be lectured to.’
      • ‘He has five years left at the helm of a government awash with oil revenues.’
      inundated, flooded, deluged, swamped, teeming, heaving, overflowing
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    2. 1.2 Level with the surface of water, especially the sea, so that it just washes over.
      ‘a rock awash outside the reef entrance’
      • ‘Watch the rock awash off the southern point and anchor in 20/30Ft of water.’
      • ‘Here we discovered a rock awash not noted in either chart or guide.’
      • ‘This is poor seamanship, as a rock awash off Jones Point is not visible.’