Definition of aware in English:



  • 1[predicative] Having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

    ‘most people are aware of the dangers of sunbathing’
    ‘I am well aware of the problem’
    [with clause] ‘he was aware that a problem existed’
    ‘as far as I'm aware, no one has complained’
    • ‘In fact, we are so painfully aware of the issues that we can spend hours talking about them.’
    • ‘I have always been aware of dreaming at night and tend to remember them pretty well.’
    • ‘Cut to the boyfriend, fully aware of the deaths but not seeming to care either way.’
    • ‘Police said they were not aware of any similar tensions at the new skate park in Braintree.’
    • ‘Mostly what I need to know is what not to do, and if there are any pitfalls I should be aware of.’
    • ‘The fact is that people mostly operate on a very short time frame that they are not really aware of.’
    • ‘It was like waking up from a deep sleep, I gradually became more aware of what was going on.’
    • ‘That was when he was first aware of his pathological desire to lose his left leg.’
    • ‘He adds that this is a circumstance which we need to be more aware of, if only for our own protection.’
    • ‘However he was aware of cases where contact orders made by the court were ignored.’
    • ‘In effect, a wider public needs to be made aware of what is happening in contemporary art.’
    • ‘To this end they have begun making staff and patrons aware of the Act and its implications.’
    • ‘Both women were aware of the danger that they would turn out nasty Hollywood brats.’
    • ‘So let's put him in the mix to let everyone know that he is aware of what's happening in Africa.’
    • ‘I was taught at a young age to watch the current, to be aware of where I am in relation to the beach.’
    • ‘We are all aware of the situation where power is higher on a fence wire on a dry day than on a wet day.’
    • ‘The only problem is that the owner of the ticket may not be aware of his or her success.’
    • ‘You're aware of your roots but you're happy to take on board the best of other cultures.’
    • ‘I'm very limited in time and all too aware of how much time would be used by showing movies.’
    • ‘We are aware of the situation and we are seeking to gather information and evidence.’
    conscious of, acquainted with, informed about, informed of, apprised of, cognizant of, mindful of, sensible of, familiar with, conversant with, no stranger to, alive to, awake to, alert to, sensitive to
    well informed, knowledgeable, up to date, enlightened
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    1. 1.1[with adverbial] Concerned and well-informed about a particular situation or development.
      ‘unless everyone becomes more environmentally aware, catastrophe is inevitable’
      ‘a politically aware electorate’
      • ‘Steve's very tactically aware of players and situations as you can see in his teams.’
      • ‘The key to planning such an environmentally aware meeting or event is to set environmental priorities early in event planning.’
      • ‘You cannot become emotionally aware just by thinking about it.’
      • ‘This time round he seems far more politically aware, and I am a big fan of his, sad but true!’
      worldly, worldly-wise, well travelled, knowing, mature, seasoned, experienced, unprovincial, cultivated, cultured, sophisticated, suave, urbane, polished, refined
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Old English gewær; related to German gewahr, also to ware.