Definition of aviator in US English:



  • 1dated A pilot.

    • ‘The first enlisted aviators were trained by pilots who learned from the Wright brothers.’
    • ‘The Air Force currently suffers from a critical shortage of aviators for manned aircraft.’
    • ‘He was not the first aviator to bring a powered aircraft to Saigon.’
    • ‘Launched in 1936, she took part in the one-month search for the lost aviator Amelia Earhart.’
    • ‘The Dutch pilot decided to stay with the other aviators, and they began to look around the field.’
    • ‘The American aviator Richard Byrd flew over the South Pole in 1929.’
    • ‘In May of that year, several aviators were aggressively contending to be the first to get airborne in pursuit of this prize.’
    • ‘Fighter management is a tool that keeps aviators and aircraft safe to fly another day.’
    • ‘In less than a month, we've lost two training aircraft and four aviators.’
    • ‘Although he was obviously a submariner, he was also a qualified aviator who frequently piloted the Flying Sub.’
    • ‘Soon, we drifted into the comfort of two experienced aviators, and basic definitions weren't necessary.’
    • ‘We said no; our Air Force aircrews and naval aviators would do the job.’
    • ‘Wildlife sightings reported by aircrew could save the lives of aviators on later flights.’
    • ‘And with this new melding of pilots and drivers, we aviators should be able to continue as blind as many motorists.’
    • ‘Thus, the airline began training their aviators to become the world's finest pilots.’
    • ‘However, your routine instrument scan must be altered from aircraft to aircraft, which aviators know is not good.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the first Cirus Design entry continues to make friends among new pilots and old aviators alike.’
    • ‘An unidentified pilot could be no more than a private aviator who unknowingly sends out a wrong signal on his transponder.’
    • ‘In order to do this for Air Force aviators, we need to transform our process for shaping future leaders.’
    • ‘First, we expect them to master an aircraft system, since aviators fly to fight and lead from the front.’
    airman, airwoman, flyer, aeronaut
    pilot, airman, airwoman, flyer, aeronaut
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  • 2aviatorsA pair of aviator glasses.

    ‘I wear aviators, but it's purely because they are practical sunglasses as opposed to being fashion accessories’