Definition of available in US English:



  • 1Able to be used or obtained; at someone's disposal.

    ‘refreshments will be available all afternoon’
    ‘a slush fund available to universities’
    • ‘I have written a poem about this but it is not available to me at the moment.’
    • ‘The board should encourage the government to increase the tax breaks available to donors.’
    • ‘This information seems to have been obtained from file notes which were not made available to us.’
    • ‘They will also be able to advise on the type of grants and funding available to you locally.’
    • ‘The new service will be centralised, and available to all those authorised to access it.’
    • ‘They should have had the funds available to carry out the work on the chapel.’
    • ‘The plans, which also include a club house, are now available to view at Telegraph House.’
    • ‘Counselling and a helpline have been made available to pupils and a book of remembrance is being set up.’
    • ‘Extra resources will be made available to act on information provided by members of the public.’
    • ‘Whether such financial help will be available to Edinburgh to restore the site is unlikely.’
    • ‘The cash will be available to local authorities, charities and disability groups.’
    • ‘We need to improve the information available to patients on quality and access.’
    • ‘There are no records available to show whether other mice have lived as long.’
    • ‘My conscience is clear as I know we gave her the best we could with what we had available to us.’
    • ‘The report produced by the planning inspector is expected to be available to the public this week.’
    • ‘Workers will be able to find out about what help will be available to them to find another job.’
    • ‘Adam also highlighted worries that the drug might not be equally available to all sufferers.’
    • ‘It wants to expand to make sure tennis is available to any level of player, from beginner to advanced.’
    • ‘This option is only available to those able to pay an initial consultation fee.’
    • ‘All it has to do is be available to subscribers in places where other access is expensive or exclusive.’
    obtainable, accessible, to be had, ready for use, at hand, to hand, at one's disposal, at one's fingertips, within easy reach, handy, convenient
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    1. 1.1 (of a person) not otherwise occupied; free to do something.
      ‘the nurse is only available at certain times’
      ‘the minister was not available for comment’
      • ‘She said the youngsters had a high level of need but the teachers were not available to support them.’
      • ‘Since she is not available, the only evidence of this is what she has told Graham.’
      • ‘To learn from books was only possible for Nicholas if people were available to read to him.’
      • ‘The number of staff affected is unknown and nobody from the firm was available for comment.’
      • ‘He wants them to be successful immediately so he buys the world's best available players.’
      • ‘When the town casts around for someone to blame Vernon is the best available candidate.’
      • ‘It is inevitable that when a staff photo of a bus company is taken, not all members are available.’
      • ‘It is unclear how many Muslim teachers work in Scotland and would be available to run such schools.’
      • ‘How can they be available for a photo opportunity but not there to help people in their hour of need?’
      • ‘You can also specify the area and days you're available to find a voluntary position to suit you.’
      • ‘The procedure is now often carried out in units where no such team is available.’
      • ‘Nor could we depend on the same people being available the next day to finish an interrupted game.’
      • ‘If anybody is looking for a new football manager then remember Harry is available again!’
      • ‘I did write a show and had him in mind for the lead but he was not available.’
      • ‘They were quite willing to sit down and talk to us and even gave the council dates when they were available.’
      • ‘He was not available for comment on Monday but has vowed to clear himself of the allegations.’
      • ‘All this was done at a time when staff were available and the word redundant was unknown.’
      • ‘Entrants should indicate if they will be available to travel to Westport in the event of winning.’
      • ‘As a manager I used to get stressed on Friday when players would ring and say they were not available.’
      • ‘She added that the necessary staff are not available at weekends to allow people to view their cars.’
      free, unoccupied, not busy
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    2. 1.2informal Not currently involved in a sexual or romantic relationship.
      ‘the larger the pool of available singles the greater your chance of finding someone special’
      ‘do you think he's available?’
      • ‘There is one burning question that most women over the age of 35 discuss all the time - where on earth are all the interesting and available men?’
      • ‘When you are in a relationship with a woman and you are doing your best to remain faithful you can begin to stop looking for single or available women.’
      • ‘It is for these reasons that singles travel groups have become a common option for guys to find interesting and available women.’
      • ‘Married men have been chasing single women for a very long time and available women have been falling for them for just as long.’
      • ‘There are a lot of great women out there just waiting to meet the man of their dreams but finding these available women can take a little creativity.’
      • ‘From the Oprah show, they did a "scientific" study of where the available men are, and I note that my city didn't make the list.’
      • ‘Taking Sydney, a city much decried for its man shortage, the census shows the number of available men actually outnumbers available women in most age groups.’


Late Middle English (in the senses ‘effectual, serviceable’ and ‘legally valid’): from avail + -able. The sense ‘at someone's disposal’ dates from the early 19th century.