Definition of autoplay in US English:



  • A functionality that causes a video, audio file, etc. to play automatically, without action from a user.

    ‘the site doesn't let you completely disable autoplay for videos’
    as modifier ‘the autoplay feature makes it extremely frustrating to read the comments’
    • ‘I've opened up a new tab with some autoplay music/video and you have to spend eternity searching for it to mute.’
    • ‘Using the same program, you can also disable AutoPlay so discs won't run automatically when a disc is inserted into the drive.’
    • ‘Autoplay ads have the potential to be very effective.’
    • ‘You can consider me another person heartily annoyed by these new embedded autoplay video ads.’
    • ‘The minute you connect to a wireless point, auto-play is back.’
    • ‘People were tweeting instructions on how to disable autoplay.’
    • ‘Because of autoplay, people viewing the feed were involuntarily subjected to the video.’
    • ‘The 'up next' column displays videos that will play next when autoplay is enabled.’
    • ‘The ad bombardment has reached new heights with pop-overs and auto-play videos that often bring my browser to its knees.’
    • ‘Auto play ads garner more revenue from advertisers than standard display ads.’


[no object]
  • (of a video, audio file, etc.) play automatically, without action from a user.

    ‘the video will autoplay once the full blog post loads’
    • ‘I've seen plenty of animated ads; lately they even include videos that occasionally autoplay.’
    • ‘Adverts on games include perfectly timed ads that pop up full-screen so you're almost guaranteed to tap them if you're navigating the game, as well as video ads that autoplay.’
    • ‘They've made it autoplay the next episode with no option to disable that feature.’
    • ‘The ads are auto-playing with sound in my browser.’
    • ‘I think we all got sick of that video auto-playing.’
    • ‘Videos will still auto-play when a tab is in the foreground.’
    • ‘The two social media sites' videos both auto-play in the feed.’
    • ‘I don't know if you can set it to auto-play DVDs.’
    • ‘Videos on the site have to be 15 seconds or less and usually auto-play without sound.’
    • ‘What happens if you let the CD autoplay?’