Definition of autonomously in US English:



  • With the freedom to act independently.

    ‘each canton in Switzerland operates almost autonomously’
    • ‘Our identities are socially imposed, not autonomously created.’
    • ‘NASA successfully ground-tested technologies that will enable unmanned spacecraft to rendezvous autonomously.’
    • ‘It may have been better for them to continue autonomously as a private school, but this is a decision they must live with.’
    • ‘We are reminded that European countries did not grow autonomously.’
    • ‘Professional workers expect to act autonomously, requiring a greater need to ensure that they act in unison with the organization.’
    • ‘Plans for drones that could be directed autonomously present the military with a dilemma.’
    • ‘Where the guilds could still run their own affairs autonomously, they did not depart one jot from the traditional system.’
    • ‘The arena contains a charging station, where the robots can autonomously recharge their batteries.’
    • ‘Engineers are working on a giant, synthetic, robo-jellyfish, which one day could autonomously patrol the high seas.’
    • ‘He has patterned his life on the ideal of the artist who must speak autonomously of social, economic, or cultural systems of dominance.’