Definition of autogamy in US English:



  • Self-fertilization, especially the self-pollination of a flower.

    • ‘Recently several populations and species of Antirrhinum were characterized for their percentage of autogamy and self-fertility, and large variation was observed.’
    • ‘In this study, I use floral manipulations in conjunction with marker gene analysis to estimate the relative contributions of autogamy and geitonogamy to self fertilization.’
    • ‘Together, the three modes of geitonogamy make a much larger contribution to self-fertilization than autogamy.’
    • ‘Recipients were cells from young clones only four to six fissions after the last autogamy.’
    • ‘Both species use a mixed breeding system, consisting of xenogamy, geitonogamy, and autogamy.’
    • ‘Changes in floral morphology are normally required to promote either autogamy or allogamy.’
    • ‘In both years seed set was significantly lower in the autonomous autogamy treatment than in the corresponding controls.’


Late 19th century: from auto- ‘self’ + Greek -gamia (from gamos ‘marriage’).