Definition of autocomplete in US English:



  • A software function that gives users the option of completing words or forms by a shorthand method on the basis of what has been typed before.

    • ‘I typed a few letters of some obscure site, and hey presto, autocomplete.’
    • ‘A lot of web developers not only turn off autocomplete for credit card input, but they disable autocomplete on many logins.’
    • ‘This week, there were red faces at the credit card division, after someone pointed out that customers were able to use an autocomplete option for their password.’
    • ‘I started off entering each individually, but quite a few had been caught by that infuriating invasion of privacy: autocomplete.’


[with object]
  • Complete (a word or form) with autocomplete.

    • ‘In my case the fields were autocompleted only after publishing an article without a title.’
    • ‘Your incoming and outgoing mail account details should have autocompleted a couple of stages earlier.’
    • ‘Set the key you want to use when an autocompleted word is suggested to you and you want to accept it.’
    • ‘I have to enter it in full, then subsequent entries on that page only will be autocompleted.’
    • ‘The user could loose track of which entry fields were autocompleted and which were based totally upon the user's own data.’
    • ‘This, like many other browsers, tries to help by autocompleting URLs as you type them, basing its choices on your prior viewing habits.’
    • ‘Then the next time you autocomplete that recipient's name you run the risk of autocompleting the wrong entry!’