Definition of autobiographer in US English:



  • See autobiography

    • ‘The life of the autobiographer is fittingly tumultuous and disordered.’
    • ‘Famous in his lifetime as a journalist, literary editor, autobiographer and short story writer, he is now out of print and increasingly forgotten.’
    • ‘Like many autobiographers, her honesty leans towards self-indulgence in her refusal to attempt to give the reader anything more than a blandly introspective narrative.’
    • ‘He was diffident about his achievements, in contrast to the self-aggrandisement common to autobiographers.’
    • ‘Ethical biographers and autobiographers work with veracity as their aim (this is the motivation for all that research, after all) and this striving for veracity is respected, and expected, by readers.’
    • ‘But autobiographies can also show a narrow view, as the autobiographer is choosing which elements of their life they wish to share with the world, and which they will conceal.’
    • ‘Certainly this critique of autobiography has validity; how many autobiographers are truly honest even with themselves, let alone with their readers, about themselves in narrative?’