Definition of authorship in English:



  • 1The state or fact of being the writer of a book, article, or document or the creator of a work of art.

    ‘the single authorship of the book gives it a uniformity of style and a proper balance between chapters’
    ‘a number of paintings have been attributed to him on stylistic grounds, though his authorship is not certain’
    • ‘Much of the frustration apparent in the scholarship of these objects may be attributed to a lack of success in determining their authorship.’
    • ‘"Event Zero" contained work of unclear authorship.’
    • ‘This drew particular attention to his authorship of several of the landscape views.’
    • ‘These images, like all translations, are innately ambiguous in authorship.’
    • ‘The symbols relate to their use, to their maker, and to the sources and authorship of the decorative engraving upon them.’
    • ‘This gesture is postmodern in the extreme, and the authorship of the work falls into ethical and discursive question.’
    • ‘Jackson's book raises interesting questions of architectural authorship.’
    • ‘His designs were spread around Europe, even if their authorship is sometimes in doubt.’
    • ‘Its new interactive software addresses questions of authorship in the context of digital networks.’
    • ‘The French conceptual artist Philippe Thomas preferred to attribute authorship of his work to others.’
    1. 1.1 The occupation of writing.
      ‘he took to authorship’
      • ‘This was literary work, a mode of authorship embedded in a fetish of originality.’
      • ‘It is the Romantic individualism that transforms authorship from a craft to a calling.’
      • ‘Perhaps the most disabling myth of authorship is that writers practice a lonely craft.’
      • ‘Bagehot considered law and banking, but he also felt the lure of authorship.’
      • ‘Do you have aspirations of authorship?’
      • ‘The collaborative aspects of Web 2.0 resources create peer-to-peer opportunities for authorship, content management, critical thinking, and the visualization of ideas.’
      • ‘During the 17th century, authorship was understood to include compiling and ordering others' words.’
      • ‘Carnegie, who had practically retired from active life, abandoned his career of authorship and resumed his early trade.’
      • ‘Promotion has become a part of the profession of authorship, which is a very different thing.’
      • ‘This collection by Prynne appeared to some of its readers to mark a turning point in his authorship.’