Definition of auteurist in US English:



  • See auteur

    • ‘Still, auteurist aims are diverse enough that it's still possible to find filmmakers who have chosen to go down less traveled paths.’
    • ‘I still utilize an auteurist model (as most critics do when talking about films, even if they don't necessarily attribute the auteur to the director, it can be collectivized, etc.) because the auteur is a useful organizing principle.’
    • ‘Rarely has an actress of her beauty and status gone so completely auteurist in her approach to choosing projects.’
    • ‘I want studios to be financing director-driven, auteurist cinema, as they did in the '70s.’
    • ‘But I associated him with the auteurist moment in film criticism, and I wanted to pick someone like Nicholas Ray or Minnelli, who had been important to the French in the 1950s.’