Definition of auspiciousness in US English:



  • See auspicious

    • ‘Paintings of the white tiger, considered a symbol of auspiciousness and repeller of evil, were once seen in every home and they were looked upon as benevolent messengers of the mountain spirit.’
    • ‘Rice is also a potent symbol of auspiciousness and fertility.’
    • ‘According the Chinese culture ‘colourful clouds’ stand for auspiciousness, happiness, finesse and hope.’
    • ‘Each element corresponds to a cardinal direction: in order of auspiciousness they are south, east, west and north, while the centre is the earth.’
    • ‘Because an astrology session brings together the triad of astrologer, client, and universe, one needs to communicate auspiciousness through the environment and the astrologer's behavior.’
    • ‘Several kinds of flowers, fruits and leaves that symbolise auspiciousness and prosperity are stacked in fruit and vegetable markets along the roads.’