Definition of auriscope in US English:


(also auroscope)


  • another term for otoscope
    • ‘Your veterinarian will use a special instrument - called an auroscope - to look down into the ear canal, and then the mites can be seen.’
    • ‘In most cases the doctor can see into the ear canal using an instrument called an auroscope and diagnose the problem.’
    • ‘There are only very basic tools available at our disposal - stethoscope, auroscope, tongue depressors and reflex hammers.’
    • ‘You can hold the auriscope in either a ‘pencil type’ grip or ‘hammer type’ grip.’
    • ‘For examination, use the largest speculum on the auroscope that will comfortably fit into the ear.’
    • ‘All consulting rooms are equipped with everything you will need including an auroscope and ophthalmoscope, but we ask that you provide your own stethoscope.’
    • ‘The diagnosis is made from the symptoms and by examining the eardrum with an instrument called an auriscope or otoscope.’
    • ‘If this is not found, the GP will examine the eardrums through an illuminating instrument (an auriscope or an otoscope) that is pushed gently into the ear canal.’
    • ‘A nurse will use an auroscope before and after syringing to check the condition of the ear.’
    • ‘The Trust uses thousands of batteries every year to run essential medical equipment, such as auriscopes, torches and bleeps.’
    • ‘This isn't as terrible as it sounds and will soon heal but it is best to let the doctor look in your ear with an auroscope and see if there is any need for an antibiotic.’
    • ‘The electric otoscope (auroscope) is the instrument most commonly used in primary care.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin auris ‘ear’ + -scope.