Definition of audiotape in English:



  • 1Magnetic tape on which sound can be recorded.

    • ‘Analysis was based primarily on audiotape recordings of the sessions.’
    • ‘Books-on-tape frequently go out of print, leaving cassette audio tapes as the only available format.’
    • ‘More than 100 people entered the BBC Afrique competition which asked listeners to submit a five minute radio report, either on audio tape or as a transcript, on any subject.’
    • ‘He and Claudia kept in touch through letters and by sending audio tape recordings to each other.’
    • ‘She also subscribes to the talking book service run by the Royal National Institute of the Blind, where she can get complete, unabridged novels on audio tape.’
    • ‘Discussions were recorded on audio tape, and the recorder made annotations to indicate which student was speaking.’
    • ‘Her only sympathetic ear at first is that of Sally, her French tutor, with whom she communicates by audio tape.’
    • ‘I made audio tape recordings of the classroom while observing.’
    • ‘Digital audio tape, a format for clear-sounding cassette players, foundered after record companies, fearing piracy refused to endorse it.’
    • ‘When record companies started producing CDs, audio tape was the vogue and the production of CDs, a limited commodity, was more expensive.’
    • ‘Persons chosen for interviews were asked if they had time to participate in research on student loan default characteristics and for permission to record the interview on audio tape.’
    • ‘You will also be able to order copies of the booklet in audio tape, large print, and Braille formats.’
    • ‘The senior category is for 13 to 18 year olds who should submit a two minute report recorded on audio tape or CD commentating on a sporting event in Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘The records available to researchers include documents, photographs, posters, plans, maps, film and audio tape.’
    • ‘Just below the personal television unit was equipment for compact disk and audio tape use.’
    • ‘When we hear that audio tape, what clues should we be listening for?’
    • ‘There are no video or audio tape recordings of what either child said or says about these incidents.’
    • ‘In a circular metal container is a spool of audiotape that records the sound of snow falling.’
    • ‘And so she likes to follow what happens to Hermione, but she prefers to read it in Braille, not listen to it on audio tape.’
    • ‘Our preferred method of giving feedback on their assignments is by audio tape, so students are continually hearing our voice as their one-to-one tutor and have continual access to us by email.’
    1. 1.1 A length of this, typically in the form of a cassette.
      • ‘There's one section of the story where a character gets taken over by a demon and, to illustrate it, they have that character's voice slow down for a split second, like an audio tape getting chewed up in the machine.’
      • ‘No one doubts that an audio tape was made, but no one seems to know for sure where it is or exactly what's on it.’
      • ‘In any case, will anyone be offered an audio tape of the event?’
      • ‘As the mailman shuffled off to the next house, Clarence quickly unwrapped the parcel revealing an audio tape.’
      • ‘Burn a CD or make an audio tape of their favourite songs and make the CD / tape jacket yourself.’
      • ‘The Liberty Times report said that an official from one of the companies that had sought to bid on the project had obtained an audio tape about how other potential bidders made an agreement to divvy up the spoils of the contract.’
      • ‘The re-export trade, catering to consumer demand for such items as electronics, audio tapes and compact discs, designer clothing and footwear had encouraged widespread piracy.’
      • ‘A full transcript of the forum is available at here or can be purchased as an audio tape from the ABC.’
      • ‘Hewitt has obtained an audio tape of Kerry's testimony, and has already played it in its entirety on his radio show.’
      • ‘Go and listen to him play and he'll give you an audio tape of one of his songs, which you can then play on the hifi in your house.’
      • ‘An anthology of poems aimed at schools, it contained a thematic coding system at the back and there was also a complementary audio tape available.’
      • ‘It only cost 99 cents for a blank audio tape - and took five minutes.’
      • ‘Just then he noticed a small audio tape on the ground.’
      • ‘A casting director sent me photos of actresses and an audio tape of their voices.’
      • ‘Tidying up in the garage the other day, I came across a very old Billy Connolly audio tape.’
      • ‘Visitors can hire an audio tape recalling tales of the servants who have served at Harewood.’
      • ‘The schools entered by sending in an audio tape of their choir's performance.’
      • ‘You may own some eight-track audio tapes or Beta video cassettes that you can no longer play.’


  • Record (sound) on tape.

    ‘each interview was audiotaped and transcribed’
    • ‘Next, using headphones, participants listened to one of the three audiotaped conversations, and then completed the 9-item questionnaire.’
    • ‘The interviews were audiotaped and transcribed in Spanish.’
    • ‘Subsequent phone conversations with each teacher, lasting an average of 70 minutes, were audiotaped and transcribed by the researcher.’
    • ‘The meetings were audiotaped and later transcribed.’
    • ‘For parent interviews, data collectors were audiotaped for consistency checks to ensure identical wording of questions.’
    • ‘The room contained a large table with comfortable chairs and microphones for audiotaping and had an adjacent room where the group could be viewed via a 1-way mirror.’
    • ‘The interviews were audiotaped and the tapes were transcribed verbatim.’
    • ‘All interviews and focus groups were audiotaped and transcribed verbatim with participants' permission.’
    • ‘Field notes were taken by a research assistant at each of the three community forums, and focus groups were audiotaped and transcribed.’
    • ‘The interviews and consultations were audiotaped and transcribed.’
    • ‘Did you know that if you audio tape an episode of B5, and run the tape backwards… it makes more sense?’
    • ‘All plenary and breakout group discussions were audiotaped and transcribed.’
    • ‘Videotape, audio tape and professionally photograph your announcement; you'll be glad later that you did.’
    • ‘In addition, after each interview the interviewer audiotaped impressions and field notes and these were also transcribed verbatim.’
    • ‘All the instructions were audiotaped and presented from a tape recorder over a set of headphones.’
    • ‘All interactions with the pharmacists were audiotaped using a small tape recorder concealed by the pseudo-patient.’
    • ‘After pilot interviews with six patients (data not shown), we audiotaped clinical consultations and semistructured interviews in the patient's home 1-5 days later.’
    • ‘The mothers' responses throughout the interview were audiotaped for coding purposes.’
    • ‘Most education sessions at Congress will be audiotaped, and selected sessions will be videotaped.’
    • ‘The principal researcher conducted all interviews, which were audiotaped and transcribed.’
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