Main definitions of auburn in US English:

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  • (chiefly of a person's hair) of a reddish-brown color.

    • ‘She was dressed in all black and her auburn hair swirled gracefully around her face and shoulders.’
    • ‘The middle daughter had rich auburn hair and green eyes like sparkling emeralds.’
    • ‘Her dusty auburn hair was long and wild as she stepped down from her horse.’
    • ‘Her auburn hair was swept up in elegant curls.’
    • ‘Mary, once famed for her thick, auburn hair, had gone nearly bald during her years in captivity.’
    • ‘I pushed Melena's auburn hair away from her face and her head leaned towards me.’
    • ‘She was short and slender and attractive, with long auburn hair that reached almost to her waist.’
    • ‘The streams of sunlight through the trees hit her dark auburn hair bringing out her red highlights.’
    • ‘It was green velvet that sets off my auburn hair and makes my eyes look greener.’
    • ‘It was the image of a man with blue eyes, receding auburn hair above the temples and small, thin lips.’
    • ‘She tucked her long auburn hair inside it and pulled the hood over her head.’
    • ‘She climbed onto her horse, and ran a hand through her auburn hair.’
    • ‘His tousled auburn hair almost hid his eyes, and the freckles dotted his face like the stars in the galaxy.’
    • ‘Her still damp auburn hair hung limply in ringlets, brushing her bare shoulders.’
    • ‘The strange youth had curly dark auburn hair, that fell in unkempt tangles across his shoulders.’
    • ‘A boy with shaggy auburn hair halted in his steps and looked around, perturbed.’
    • ‘Mother dressed me in a pretty blue dress and curled my auburn hair.’
    • ‘She was striking to look at - auburn hair, bright-blue eyes, high cheekbones and a great figure.’
    • ‘Her long auburn hair was the same colour as Tanya's, but Tanya keeps hers up in a ponytail.’
    • ‘She was a lovely woman, a few years older than Ava, with striking auburn hair and round brown eyes.’
    reddish-brown, red-brown, dark red, titian, titian red, tawny, russet, chestnut, chestnut-coloured, copper, coppery, copper-coloured, rust-coloured, rufous, henna, hennaed
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  • A reddish-brown color.

    • ‘Her hair flowed loose down her back and the sunlight caught the strong glints of auburn in it.’
    • ‘He had black-brown hair coming to just slightly above his ears, half-dyed a tint of auburn.’
    • ‘Her hair was darker and had more auburn in it that it used to, and her eyes had a shimmer of pale green in them.’
    • ‘Her hair, a lustrous shade of auburn, waves about her waxen face.’
    • ‘His hair consisted of dozens of colors, ranging from pale gold to a deep auburn.’
    • ‘Dark brown hair that caught bits of auburn and gold from the sun.’
    • ‘In the dark, it was hard to tell what color his hair was, but her memory painted it a warm, red auburn.’
    • ‘Every shade of auburn, russet and tan shone through and seemed to make him look almost angelic.’
    • ‘Her hair, which had once been a beautiful shade of auburn, was now the color of mud and old dried blood.’


Late Middle English: from Old French auborne, alborne, from Latin alburnus ‘whitish’, from albus ‘white’. The original sense was ‘yellowish white’, but the word became associated with brown because in the 16th and 17th centuries it was often written abrune or abroun.




Main definitions of auburn in US English:

: auburn1Auburn2


proper noun

  • 1An academic city in eastern Alabama, home to Auburn University; population 56,088 (est. 2008).

  • 2An industrial city in southwestern Maine, on the Androscoggin River, across from Lewiston; population 23,177 (est. 2008).

  • 3An industrial and commercial city in west central New York, on Owasco Lake; population 27,138 (est. 2008).

  • 4An industrial city in west central Washington; population 55,426 (est. 2008).