Definition of au fait in English:

au fait


au fait with
  • Having a good or detailed knowledge of something.

    ‘you should be reasonably au fait with the company and its products’
    • ‘For those of you not quite au fait with Surrealist parlour games, the term ‘exquisite corpse’ originates from the game more commonly known as Consequences.’
    • ‘Engineers in all sectors of industry must be completely au fait with the state of the art.’
    familiar, acquainted, conversant, at home, up to date, up with, in touch
    abreast of, apprised of, in the know about, well informed about, knowledgeable about, well versed in, enlightened about, aware of, no stranger to
    au courant
    clued up about, genned up about, clued up on, plugged into, well up on, wise to, hip to
    switched on to
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Mid 18th century: from French, literally to the fact, to the point.


au fait

/ˌō ˈfā/