Definition of attorney in English:



  • 1A person appointed to act for another in business or legal matters.

    • ‘Her appointed attorney was not immediately available for comment.’
    • ‘And most are defended not by private attorneys but by public defenders or appointed lawyers.’
    • ‘You and your attorney should understand your business situation thoroughly before you decide on a license.’
    • ‘The matter was then taken to the High Court, where attorneys acting on his behalf challenged the police as to why he was still in custody.’
    • ‘Defence attorneys and lawyers for the Arab Commission for Human Rights described the case as a sham because of the lack of evidence.’
    • ‘Criminal defendants have no right to court appointment of an attorney and no right to a jury trial.’
    • ‘Military officials at the Pentagon declined to describe their legal status, or say whether they are represented by attorneys.’
    • ‘According to attorneys who represent these defendants, the pressure on men to confess to what the government wants is enormous.’
    • ‘This one-sided provision has created bad incentives for attorneys and the litigants they represent.’
    • ‘A judge was elected, attorneys were appointed, and witnesses were interviewed.’
    • ‘It's time for prosecutors and plaintiffs' attorneys to move forward with renewed vigor.’
    • ‘We'll hear from his defense attorney and the lawyer representing his murdered wife's family.’
    • ‘An attorney can be appointed by signing a deed which is in place immediately.’
    • ‘Other important intermediaries were legal attorneys, who represented the Christian groups in their dealings with the state.’
    • ‘The court would appoint public attorneys to represent Estrada.’
    • ‘The present system allows for an individual to be represented by a different attorney at each stage.’
    • ‘In some states, a fifth of the attorneys who have represented defendants in capital cases have subsequently been suspended, disbarred or arrested.’
    deputy, representative, substitute, delegate, agent, surrogate, stand-in, ambassador, emissary, go-between, envoy, frontman
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  • 2US A lawyer.

    • ‘She was brought to the office one day so the counselors and attorneys could work with her.’
    • ‘Often we'd go brief stretches with no attorney on staff.’
    • ‘The Justice Foundation will help match you with attorneys who will help prepare and file your brief.’
    • ‘He hired five attorneys to give legal advice and negotiated a one-month extension to the deadline.’
    • ‘As you reach your twilight years, meeting with a qualified attorney to develop an estate plan is a priority.’
    • ‘I urged her to seek the services of an attorney through legal aid.’
    • ‘The company is seeking an intellectual property staff attorney for its legal team.’
    • ‘Well, I think he is going to rely on the counsel of his attorneys.’
    • ‘Then we'll get legal perspective from two attorneys who have been involved in the case.’
    • ‘This all plays to the core competence of business attorneys.’
    • ‘Both have argued numerous cases before the Supreme Court, including as attorneys in the solicitor general's office.’
    • ‘About two dozen women qualified as attorneys by the end of the decade.’
    • ‘The condemned inmate's attorney is often forced to play the role of counselor.’
    • ‘Be sure to check with your attorney on these matters before making any decisions.’
    • ‘The union is planning to consult attorneys about legal action.’
    • ‘In addition, many local libraries have legal dictionaries that list attorneys and their areas of expertise in and around your state.’
    lawyer, legal practitioner, legal executive, legal adviser, legal representative, agent, member of the bar, advocate, counsel, counsellor, intercessor, defending counsel, prosecuting counsel
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Middle English: from Old French atorne, past participle of atorner ‘assign’, from a ‘towards’ + torner ‘to turn’ (see attorn).