Definition of attenuator in US English:



  • A device consisting of an arrangement of resistors which reduces the strength of a radio or audio signal.

    • ‘And a unique glass-reinforced-nylon manifold is molded in halves, joined together by ultrasonic welding, then cloaked with a form-fitting foam noise attenuator.’
    • ‘The multiplexer with variable optical attenuator is another design that has pulled together several functions.’
    • ‘Most of the work going on globally in integrated polymer components is in the areas of switches, attenuators, filters, modulators, lasers, and amplifiers.’
    • ‘Unlike a volume potentiometer, an attenuator ensures that the sound quality remains constant: the left and right imaging doesn't shift with different volume settings.’
    • ‘The company claims that moving the attenuator reduces distortion and noise.’
    • ‘Motorola believes that a combination of switchable attenuators and increased public safety signal strength in weak signal areas will mitigate the interference being experienced to a large extent.’