Definition of Atsina in US English:


nounPlural Atsinas

  • An Algonquian people living chiefly in the north central plains region of the US.

    Also called Gros Ventre
    • ‘The Atsina are not prominent in history and in most respects are regarded by the Arapaho proper as inferior to them.’
    • ‘Their musket-bearing enemies - the Blackfeet, Atsinas and Hidatsas - had driven the band from the rich buffalo plains into the mountains.’
    • ‘Their name for themselves is ‘Aaninen’, Atsina being their Blackfoot name.’
    • ‘However, their enemies, the Blackfeet, Atsinas and Hidastas, had muskets from the Canadian fur traders who had pushed them away from the plains.’
    • ‘Lewis wasn't certain whether they were Blackfeet or Atsinas, but he knew he was outnumbered and that Drouillard was unaware of the situation.’
    • ‘The Atsinas, for example, killed and captured many Shoshone men, stole their horses and destroyed most of their tepees.’
    • ‘Mooney estimated that there were 3,000 Arapaho in 1780 and the same number of Atsina.’
    • ‘Spanish traders refused them muskets that Canadian's had supplied to their enemies (Blackfeet, Atsinas and Hidatas).’


  • Relating to the Atsina.

    • ‘This photo shows an Atsina dance Curtis named ‘dance of the flight of arrows’.’
    • ‘Born in the Atsina tribe in 1800, the girl named Shining Sun was abducted by some River Crow hunters.’