Definition of atomist in US English:



  • See atomism

    • ‘The ancient atomists, like Leucippus and Democritus and Epicuris, believed that the world was made out of atoms.’
    • ‘It will be observed that in this respect the early atomists were far more scientific than Epicurus and even than Aristotle.’
    • ‘Not all of the mechanical philosophers were mechanical atomists.’
    • ‘But whereas the Greek atomists had to guess and imagine, John Dalton, a Quaker and a chemist, used modern scientific reasoning.’
    • ‘He was not an atomist in the mould of Democritus, but he did conceive of atom-like fundamental particles of the four Empedoclean elements.’
    • ‘Although, unlike most of his fashionable contemporaries and immediate successors, Descartes was not an atomist, he was, like the others, a mechanist about the properties of matter.’
    • ‘Others had held that the ultimate parts of ordinary things were substances (Aristotle is thinking of the ancient atomists, whose basic entities were microscopical corpuscles).’
    • ‘By positing indivisible bodies, the atomists were also thought to be answering Zeno's paradoxes about the impossibility of motion.’