Definition of atmospherics in US English:


plural noun

  • 1Electrical disturbances in the atmosphere due to lightning and other phenomena, especially as they interfere with telecommunications.

    • ‘While the far west may have the more vicious winter temperatures, often subceeding minus 40 degrees C, the northeast is infamous for its radically changeable winter atmospherics.’
    • ‘Your preflight weather briefing can be somewhat more critical in winter, because weather moves so quickly that a destination only 100 miles away may have dramatically different atmospherics than your point of departure.’
    • ‘The distance between flight tracks would depend on weather and atmospherics and how they impacted on radar range.’
  • 2Effects intended to create a particular atmosphere or mood, especially in music.

    ‘a jazz sound with spooky atmospherics’
    • ‘He deletes that infamous unresolved opening chord and inserts some suitably ominous guitar atmospherics that play up the desperation obscured by the Beatles' peppy original.’
    • ‘The atmospherics, effects and acting are awesome.’
    • ‘And both groups contribute to a wash of accompanying atmospherics that suggests their respective allegiances to electronically created music.’
    • ‘When you paint in the Impressionistic style, you paint the atmospherics of a landscape.’
    • ‘The band's sound is all about build-up - the background atmospherics use time to heighten their effect.’
    • ‘The result is a sharp contrast of atmospherics.’
    • ‘Now, recording under the moniker Microbunny (a distortion of a nickname someone gave him), Okada creates sublime atmospherics that would no doubt please his mentor.’
    • ‘Though noisy to the ear, there's a subtly delicate feeling to this recording, perhaps the atmospherics that are created underneath the track's more aggressive noise.’
    • ‘Whatever it is, this airy blend of keyboard atmospherics and percussion polyrhythms sounds new and remarkable.’
    • ‘With their wealth of detail and complex atmospherics, all the paintings are microcosms that demand individual attention and are difficult to absorb en masse.’
    • ‘In fact, the best moments on the album come not during any of the eight proper songs, but rather on two haunting instrumental interludes that demonstrate the band's solid grasp of atmospherics.’
    • ‘Fortunately, here she has succeeded in crafting an album of remarkable strength, sorrow, and diversity, all while maintaining her peculiar brand of eerily melodic atmospherics.’
    • ‘Painted with Whistler-like atmospherics, these tableaux resemble faded photographs or ghostly afterimages wiped clean of the fecundity which often characterizes the traditional still life.’
    • ‘But from the opening, mysterious, string glissandi, the orchestra seemed to miss the haunting atmospherics of Britten's score.’
    • ‘Deupree, by contrast, has an exceptional ear for creating melodies and esoteric atmospherics.’
    • ‘These atmospherics dominate the track's entirety, sometimes swelling to a crescendo of volume, but often maintaining an uncomfortable stasis - one borne of quiet desperation and longing.’
    • ‘This album is the best electronic release of the year, with its echoey electronics and intoxicating atmospherics.’
    • ‘Although this new album is not brimming with obvious singles, the balance between orchestral atmospherics, electronic waywardness and song structure has been well struck.’
    • ‘Indeed, Sanko's guitar and voice, with some additional atmospherics provided by subtle effects and keyboard flourishes, constitute the album's core.’
    • ‘The atmospherics and mood seem less translucent than ever and the fact nobody can work out exactly what's happening in front of them, leaves the intriguing sense of curiosity and desire to see more.’