Definition of athanor in English:



  • A type of furnace used by alchemists, able to maintain a steady heat for long periods.

    • ‘Alchemists, along with surgeons, soldiers, butchers and blacksmiths, were regarded as ‘children of Mars’, the association presumably coming about through the importance of heat in powering the alchemical athanor or furnace.’
    • ‘For the same sum, an alchemist may purchase alembics, athanors and general laboratory equipment which allows them to double the number of potions they can brew between adventures.’
    • ‘We are marvelously constructed of those transmuted elements borne within the fiery athanors of long dead Super Suns.’


Late 15th century: from Arabic at-tannūr, from al- the + tannūr baker's oven Compare with tandoor.