Definition of at the ready in US English:

at the ready


  • Prepared or available for immediate use.

    ‘the men walk with their guns at the ready’
    • ‘A dedicated group of organisers are always at the ready to help a new cause, and Marueen is one of that special group.’
    • ‘Now I will proceed to impart several of my many reasons for having it loaded and at the ready.’
    • ‘Already she has paid a publicity visit, with personal assistant Vicky by her side as ever, and make-up magic at the ready.’
    • ‘Having your phone at the ready or tapping away constantly gives rise to what experts are calling infomania.’
    • ‘We were prepared, with hoses, buckets and tubs at the ready, gutters blocked and filled with water.’
    • ‘Riding shotgun is a team mechanic, at the ready should a driver need a quick fix.’
    • ‘The ubiquitous large tray with sweets and tidbits was at the ready and freshly brewed Chinese tea was wheeled in.’
    • ‘They sit and eavesdrop on every turn with spare batteries at the ready in their sweaty laps.’
    • ‘Unusually, the soldiers were down and walking around, guns at the ready.’
    • ‘Sandbags were put at the ready, hotel furniture and office equipment were removed to higher floors and safety signage was put up.’
    • ‘So I'm just sitting here waiting for it all to print, guillotine and double-sided sticky tape at the ready.’
    • ‘Two attendants stand at the ready beside him, while another lies prostrate at his feet.’
    • ‘I sit back on my haunches, knife held at the ready in front of me.’
    • ‘But there to greet them on the main bridge was the fearless firemen, with hoses at the ready.’
    • ‘It's one thing to have opportunities at the ready, but making sure your target audience knows about them is just as important.’
    • ‘That includes proper documentation and a severance package at the ready.’
    easily available, available, accessible
    in position, poised, ready for use, ready for action, waiting
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