Definition of at the latest in US English:

at the latest


  • No later than the time specified.

    ‘all new cars will be required to meet this standard by 1997 at the latest’
    • ‘Once a customer fulfills all the prerequisites the credit is approved within five days at the latest.’
    • ‘Any remaining fraction of a share will be paid in cash when the distribution is made by November 7 at the latest.’
    • ‘If the army is to be ready for action before the Iraqi summer arrives, troops will need to be in the region by February at the latest.’
    • ‘Due to the failure on the deal, the Cabinet announcement would likely be made by next Thursday at the latest.’
    • ‘A Justice Department spokesman said the advertising ban should be in place by the New Year at the latest.’
    • ‘The documents, along with those of other EU states, will be deposited at the United Nations by June at the latest.’
    • ‘Both buses leave Batley about one hour after the game, 6pm at the latest.’
    • ‘Schools are being asked to make sure their work is A4 in size and that all entries are received by tomorrow at the latest.’
    • ‘I should be out by the end of the week, or next Monday at the latest.’
    • ‘The answers will be prepared by officers by April at the latest.’
    • ‘It also emerged that by the end of March or April at the latest, the regional election headquarters will be formed.’
    • ‘The company says post should arrive by lunchtime at the latest.’
    • ‘I suspect I shall be the talk of the office by lunch time at the latest.’
    • ‘Everyone is asked to be at the hotel by 8.30 pm at the latest as food will be served.’
    • ‘But Rosemary says the letters should have been sent by Monday at the latest.’
    • ‘Make sure your entries are in by Friday lunchtime at the latest.’
    • ‘Anyway we will have a guest book up and running from tomorrow or Friday at the latest so if you are dying to be a part of it all then you will have your chance.’
    • ‘All train vehicles will have to be compliant with disabled access regulations by 2020 at the latest.’
    • ‘Although it is uncertain when their affair began exactly, it is known that they were involved by 1968 at the latest.’
    • ‘After a dozen years at the latest, the two countries will both become part of the Mediterranean free trade zone.’