Definition of at length in US English:

at length


  • 1In detail; fully.

    ‘these aspects have been discussed at length’
    • ‘This and other similar questions are discussed at length in these essays.’
    • ‘Almost every work by Poulenc is at least mentioned, and some are discussed at length.’
    • ‘One frail elderly man ranted on at length about a catalogue of mistakes on his account, some of which went back to 1939.’
    • ‘He would talk at length about his theories on winning behaviours and Woodward and his team of coaches would then apply them to rugby.’
    • ‘His office had been right next to mine, and we had discussed everything at length.’
    • ‘One elderly lady spoke at length about her granddaughter who lived nearby.’
    • ‘He spoke at length and in detail to the engineers following his hard-fought seventh place at Sepang.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the council said the details of the plans have been discussed at length.’
    • ‘Explain in detail and at length what you expect both you and your potential ally to accomplish.’
    • ‘Every staffer and volunteer was asked to discuss at length, and in great detail, all the aspects of their job.’
    thoroughly, fully, in detail, in depth, comprehensively, exhaustively, completely, extensively, to the fullest extent
    for a long time, for ages, for hours, on and on, interminably, endlessly, incessantly, ceaselessly, constantly, continually, unendingly, eternally, forever
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  • 2After a long time.

    ‘at length she laid down the pencil’
    • ‘The news controllers were at length forced to grapple with the issue by their correspondents' remarks.’
    after a long time, after a considerable time, eventually, in time, in the long run, in the fullness of time
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