Definition of at first sight in US English:

at first sight


  • 1

    see sight
  • 2On first seeing or meeting someone.

    ‘it was love at first sight’
    • ‘There is a possibility of love at first sight and even a hasty marriage.’
    • ‘It was love at first sight - a cosy, comfortable intoxication.’
    • ‘After years of loneliness following their spouses' deaths, they met at a senior citizens centre and fell in love at first sight.’
    • ‘But Cora confesses that it was love at first sight, when the couple met by chance as teenagers, nine years ago.’
    • ‘It was love at first sight and on our first date he gave me a Fabergé bracelet.’
    • ‘When they finally meet it's love at first sight, and neither they nor the reader can quite believe how sudden and idyllic it all is.’
    • ‘Cupid's arrow stuck at a party five months ago and it was love at first sight.’
    • ‘Although our encounter was brief, it was love at first sight, and before long Travis moved to Seattle to be with me.’
    • ‘But it was love at first sight and I really am not interested in being with anyone else.’
    • ‘I guess this proves I don't believe in love at first sight.’
    1. 2.1 After an initial impression (which is then found to be different from what is actually the case)
      ‘the debate is more complex than it seems at first sight’
      • ‘It was an impressive list, though, at first sight, many of the themes and promises had a familiar feel.’
      • ‘Some animal behaviour seems very strange at first sight.’
      • ‘Repression seemed to work in the eighties, at least at first sight.’
      • ‘It is a curious show which, while at first sight might appear to be an uncomfortable mix of high art and popular culture, in effect works surprisingly well.’
      • ‘What looks at first sight to be a straightforward recorded song recital turns out to be far more intricately and thoughtfully put together.’
      • ‘This was another case of ordinary life being more interesting than it looked at first sight.’
      • ‘The experience was an intense thrill, because the nature of the object was apparent at first sight.’
      • ‘The application is not as simple as might appear at first sight and Mr Wright may wish to read the application at Shipley Town Hall before attending.’
      • ‘While an airline boss may appear an odd choice at first sight, he does have plenty of banking experience.’
      • ‘Although mid-ocean ridges appear at first sight to be continuous features within the oceans, on closer inspection this is clearly not so.’
      externally, on the outside, on the surface, superficially, on the face of it, at first glance, at first sight, from all appearances, to all appearances, to the casual eye, to the casual observer, as far as one can judge, as far as one can see, as far as one can tell, to all intents and purposes, apparently, ostensibly, seemingly, evidently
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