Definition of at any rate in US English:

at any rate


  • 1Whatever happens or may have happened.

    ‘for the moment, at any rate, he was safe’
    • ‘But at any rate, what taboos will cinema breach after the next twenty-five years, the next fifty?’
    • ‘We know only that the transfer was made, at any rate, according to a public statement by Earl Huntley.’
    • ‘I am, at any rate, tempted to apply it to creatures like Professors Thornton and Campbell.’
    • ‘Such, at any rate, was the answer that rang back at my moment of frustration and paralysis and panic.’
    • ‘The workforce has, at any rate, been trimmed down over the years.’
    • ‘It is a refreshing change, at any rate, from the world of suited and booted gentry that dominates a channel like CNBC.’
    in any case, anyhow, anyway, at all events, in any event, nevertheless
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    1. 1.1 Used to indicate that one is correcting or clarifying a previous statement or emphasizing a following one.
      ‘the story, or at any rate, a public version of it, was known and remembered’
      • ‘The cure is simplicity itself, and in the neighbourhood of London, at any rate, could be carried out without any expense whatever.’
      • ‘I don't have any evidence of that, but at any rate his movement to do away with whatever he imported was started much earlier.’
      • ‘Nehru had an unusual capacity - unusual among politicians at any rate - to view both sides of the question.’
      • ‘If they are thus verified, such states may be taken to be universal, at any rate for human beings.’
      • ‘Great story for a kid at any rate, because kids love horrific things.’
      • ‘But the hardships are in practice not so serious as might appear, at any rate in the case of statements which are ex facie defamatory.’
      • ‘Also as usual, at any rate with Waters, there is a lesbian love story involved.’
      • ‘Fortunately in England at any rate, education produces no effect whatsoever.’
      • ‘The ones who turned up on the first day, which was I think most of the team, or most of the ones who turned up at any rate, haven't been punished?’
      • ‘Inevitably, some of the experts would be regarded, at any rate by some people, as even more distinguished than others.’