Definition of at any price in US English:

at any price


  • No matter what expense, sacrifice, or difficulty is involved.

    ‘they wanted peace at any price’
    • ‘The statesman's maxim shall be peace, and peace at any price.’
    • ‘History is littered with examples of ill-conceived attempts to keep the peace at any price.’
    • ‘It's difficult to resist the feeling that some ideas have been dreamed up by scientists desperate to make a name for themselves at any price.’
    • ‘He remained hopeful that the state telecom would be sold by the end of the year but he reiterated that would not be done at any price.’
    • ‘However, he favored orchid collectors as his customers since they would buy a new hybrid or rare genus of orchid at any price.’
    • ‘They wanted to reach the top at any price, literally starving and slaving to find success and fame.’
    • ‘The airport is crowded with people clamoring for a seat at any price.’
    • ‘The rule of law must not and cannot be compromised at any price or for any reason.’
    • ‘If you are determined to go at any price, though, there's still a chance as a few tickets are going to be held back and auctioned off.’
    • ‘For those who are still adamant to return to their old villages at any price, there are hard conditions.’
    whatever the price, whatever the cost, at whatever cost, no matter the cost, no matter what the cost, cost what it may, regardless
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