Definition of at (or in) law in US English:

at (or in) law


  • According to or concerned with the laws of a country.

    ‘an agreement enforceable at law’
    ‘an attorney-at-law’
    • ‘In sum, looking at the course of conduct, I find that there was a waiver at law of the landlord's right to forfeiture.’
    • ‘Does the Defendant have any ground at law for preventing the Claimant from obtaining possession?’
    • ‘The claimant has to show that the tribunal erred in law in refusing leave.’
    • ‘That is so and, indeed, somewhat the distinction might be rights at law and rights in equity because at law the widow always has the ability to enforce the contract.’
    • ‘They prompt the question whether improper conduct has occurred which may be actionable at law.’
    • ‘A person solely entitled to the full beneficial ownership of money or property, both at law and in equity, does not enjoy an equitable interest in that property.’
    • ‘That issue was whether those assumed and admitted facts were ‘sufficient, at law, to give rise to an independent tortious duty of care’.’
    • ‘Such attacks normally took one of two forms, either that of prosecutions and fines at law for misfeasance, or the more drastic resort of attainder and forfeiture.’
    • ‘Therefore I do not accept that the Tribunal erred in law on this aspect of the case.’
    • ‘This meant that the land would descend only to the lineal issue of the person specified and not to any other persons who would otherwise have been regarded as possible heirs at law.’