Definition of asunder in US English:



literary, archaic
  • 1Apart; divided.

    ‘those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder’
    • ‘In recent months, lifelong friendships have been torn asunder.’
    • ‘There is nothing, nothing in the world, which will tear us asunder!’
    • ‘Yet, in fact, the election was to bring a prolonged phase of division and torment that tore the Conservatives asunder.’
    • ‘Religion, the force that can bind a family together against an uncertain world, can also rip it asunder.’
    • ‘It is an issue that threatens to tear asunder the world-wide Anglican Communion and it may even cause a split in the Church of Ireland, both North and South.’
    apart, up, in two
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    1. 1.1 Into pieces.
      ‘the desk burst asunder’
      • ‘It appeared the tender was really full of coal, much of which landed on Clara's face as the tender burst asunder in the explosion.’
      • ‘But half way there, they were stopped in their tracks by a gunshot, as the sign marking the summit was blown asunder.’
      • ‘The market economy involves peaceful cooperation and bursts asunder when people, instead of exchanging commodities and services, are fighting one another.’
      • ‘He saw people being shoved aside and trampled asunder by their own countrymen, fighting one another for the right to live.’
      • ‘Bodies lay asunder, on hillsides, valleys, and in the villages.’


Old English on sundran ‘in or into a separate place’; compare with sunder.