Definition of astrological in US English:



  • Relating to astrology.

    ‘the astrological sign of Taurus’
    • ‘He is not interested in star sign horoscopes so popular with much of the astrological community.’
    • ‘He has consulted all the astrological charts.’
    • ‘The Sheep is said to be one of the most creative of the twelve Chinese astrological signs.’
    • ‘Their search options run more toward height, weight, hair color and astrological sign.’
    • ‘Astrological conditions indicate this would be an excellent time to implement concrete changes that bring your life closer to your own ideological ideal.’
    • ‘Her astrological sign is Sagittarius, the centaur archer, whose arrow is associated with the metaphor of time as an arrow.’
    • ‘He became convinced by his reading of astrological and prophet texts that the end of the century would bring a period of great upheaval.’
    • ‘The earliest known astrological records date back to Babylon, 1645 BC, and the earliest horoscope dates back to 410 BC.’
    • ‘Many show astrological figures: Aquarius wading through water, Mercury standing among clouds, Venus in a chariot drawn by swans.’
    • ‘Astrological tables had predicted an unusual succession of eclipses in the first years of the new century.’