Definition of astrocompass in US English:



  • An instrument designed to indicate direction with respect to the stars.

    • ‘The aircraft's magnetic compass probably appeared to be working well, and setting up the astrocompass would have been a nuisance.’
    • ‘One requires a fair amount of information to utilize an astrocompass properly, including the time, date, and longitudinal and latitudinal location, as well as an astronomical chart such as a nautical almanac.’
    • ‘The goal of this expedition was to navigate to the North Magnetic Pole by traditional means using a sextant and an astrocompass.’
    • ‘Each patrol is also given a first-aid kit, a global positioning system compass, an astrocompass and a shortwave radio.’
    • ‘The astrocompass functions by means of measured movement in three independent axes.’
    • ‘A form of astrocompass is the sun compass, which utilizes the shadow of a pin.’