Definition of astatic in English:



  • 1Not keeping a steady position or direction, in particular.

    • ‘Under favorable astatic conditions, the fish grow faster than under optimum stationary conditions and consume less oxygen and food.’
    • ‘In astatic seizures there is a sudden loss of muscular tone, causing the child to fall down, often hitting his head or face.’
    1. 1.1Physics (of a system or instrument) consisting of or employing a combination of magnets suspended in a uniform magnetic field on a single wire or thread in such a way that no torque is present (e.g., to minimize the effect of the earth's magnetic field)
      • ‘Sensitivity is enhanced by use of multiple-spring astatic systems, which are more vulnerable than single springs to breakage or simple tangling.’


Early 19th century: from Greek astatos unstable + -ic.