Definition of assuredly in US English:



  • 1Confidently.

    ‘he relates the story to his comrades, saying assuredly that they will be moving the next day’
    • ‘Now sober and straight, I can assuredly state that that doesn't seem like quite the best decision.’
    • ‘With an appeal that transcends narrow definitions of jazz, he is assuredly stepping up, eloquently demonstrating the power of groove.’
    • ‘"I'll take care of her, trust me," he cut in, nodding his head assuredly.’
    • ‘She is magnificent as Carol, moving assuredly from the nervous student of the opening to the powerful presence of the final scene.’
    • ‘He spoke clearly and assuredly so that no one could twist his words and send the conversation down an entirely different route.’
    • ‘She felt him grasp her hand assuredly.’
    • ‘He assuredly declares that the natural world is ultimately "beyond description."’
    • ‘His tone made a crescendo to pleading, but Kay kept speaking rather assuredly.’
    • ‘Despite being introduced just two minutes earlier, he kept his cool and assuredly slipped the ball between the posts.’
    • ‘He would whisper assuredly, "It's going to be okay."’
  • 2as sentence adverb Used to express the speaker's certainty that something is true.

    ‘potted roses will most assuredly not survive winter without protection’
    • ‘Assuredly, I have made him out to be more evil than he was.’
    • ‘Plants that need abundant water are a luxury we can ill afford, because of the water shortages your generation will most assuredly face.’
    • ‘There assuredly are cases in which it is allowable to go to war, without having been ourselves attacked, or threatened with attack.’
    • ‘This is good news, most assuredly, for investors, and especially for pension funds.’
    • ‘The initial issues of the notes were fully convertible upon demand into gold coin and so were, assuredly, a blessing.’
    • ‘The storks and lesser spotted eagles are assuredly from every country between Germany and Russia.’
    • ‘Currency appreciation alone does not choke off growth, but assuredly it should choke off a lot of inflation.’
    • ‘Joining the single currency when the economics were not right would foster a backlash when things went wrong, as they assuredly would.’
    • ‘It comes to a pass in some families that certain members will most assuredly never get along.’
    • ‘We may assuredly presume that she would have written a greater body of overtly weird tales had she been allowed the editorial freedom.’