Definition of assisted living in US English:

assisted living


  • Housing for elderly or disabled people that provides nursing care, housekeeping, and prepared meals as needed.

    as modifier ‘an assisted living facility’
    • ‘These days, seniors can choose from a broad range of choices, including assisted living, nursing homes, and continuing-care centers.’
    • ‘The decision to place a loved one in assisted living or a nursing home is never easy.’
    • ‘The number of properties providing assisted living services has increased by 49.4 percent and the number of beds available for assisted living has increased by 114.8 percent.’
    • ‘Does the policy pay for in-home care, assisted living, and adult day care as well as for a nursing home stay?’
    • ‘It doesn't cover home health care or assisted living.’
    • ‘We might have to think about a nursing home or some other type of assisted living situation.’
    • ‘I'm almost socialist when it comes to health care and various assisted living ideas.’
    • ‘If he acted his age, he'd be in assisted living.’
    • ‘We put our aged in nursing homes or assisted living communities, keeping them out of sight and out of mind.’
    • ‘Consider assisted living if your parents need more help than senior housing offers, but they still want to remain as independent as possible.’
    • ‘Though not quite prepared for the move into transitional housing, according to her mental health counselor, her need for assisted living where she can provide family life for herself and her children is paramount.’
    • ‘It is primarily a retirement community for middle- and upper-income gays and lesbians who do not need assisted living, though plans for an assisted-living unit are in the works.’
    • ‘This couple might get a spousal plan that gives only in-home care for the older spouse, in-home and nursing home for the younger spouse, and assisted living for both.’
    • ‘There were many inaccuracies about care homes and in particular assisted living which I never got the opportunity to address.’
    • ‘Just as some believe that assisted suicide should join assisted living in gerontological care, companies may need help understanding that it's time to let go.’
    • ‘It might also provide for the cost of an assisted living center or a nursing home.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, as assisted living becomes the norm in senior care - over the short-term at least - the pressures to provide a model for lower-income seniors will also be greater.’
    • ‘Late onset alcohol problems are evident in many retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.’
    • ‘The best choice is probably a campus that includes independent housing, assisted living and nursing services.’
    • ‘Continuing care takes assisted living a step farther by having an on-site nursing home, so the transition is an easy one.’


assisted living