Definition of Assiniboin in US English:


(also Assiniboine)

nounPlural Assiniboins

  • 1A member of an indigenous people formerly living in southern Manitoba, but now living in Montana, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

    • ‘Physically the Assiniboin do not differ materially from the other Sioux.’
    • ‘Sometimes the Cree or Assiniboins - as she called them - visited up to 10 farms in a single day.’
    • ‘A tribe of hunters, the Assiniboins exchanged dried meat for British guns, brass kettles and cloth.’
    • ‘A nomadic tribe, the Assiniboin dwelled in the transportable tipi, easily moved to follow game.’
    • ‘Also affiliated with them were the Cheyennes, Yanktonais, Tetons, Santees, and Assiniboins.’
    • ‘Although the Corps of Discovery did not encounter any Assiniboin war parties, they found many of their abandoned hunting camps, and for a month-and-a-half, they feared an attack at any moment.’
    • ‘Due to the proposed trade between the Mandans and the Americans, the Assiniboins threatened military retaliation.’
    • ‘The Chippewa forged a new alliance with the Crees and Assiniboins to the north against the Dakota nation.’
    • ‘The following is a faithful translation of a letter I received from a great chief of the Assiniboins.’
    • ‘Careful study of the script reveals that he is referring to a tribe of Indians called the Assiniboins.’
    • ‘As young Sitting Bull matured into adulthood, he accumulated an exceptional war record in fighting with Assiniboins, Crows, Flatheads, Blackfeet, and other enemy tribes.’
    • ‘In the early 1700s, the Assiniboin people occupied the northern plains from the Red River to the Rocky Mountains.’
    • ‘In the spring of 1805, the Assiniboins planned on military revenge against the Mandans.’
    • ‘The result was the merging of the Cree with the Assiniboin, a Plains tribe decimated by smallpox in the late 19th century, and the creation of the Métis culture.’
    • ‘Specific bear rituals are reported only from the Assiniboin and Plains Ojibwa.’
    • ‘The Assiniboins were great hunters who traded the pelts they obtained for European trade goods.’
  • 2The Siouan language of the Assiniboin.


  • Relating to the Assiniboin or their language.


Late 17th century: from Canadian French, from Ojibwa assini:pwa:n ‘stone Sioux’, from assin ‘stone’ + pwa:n ‘Sioux’.