Definition of assignment in English:



  • 1A task or piece of work assigned to someone as part of a job or course of study.

    ‘a homework assignment’
    • ‘Since they were studying poetry at the moment, they had an in-class assignment to write an original poem in any style or meter.’
    • ‘There was an assignment over the course of the two days.’
    • ‘In addition to the in-class exercises, each session concluded with a homework assignment.’
    • ‘In this discussion we offer an overview of the guiding premises and the reading and writing assignments of the course.’
    • ‘The use of family exercises and homework assignments is imperative in enacting permanent change.’
    • ‘Each week in my print culture course we have little assignments related to the topic of the week.’
    • ‘Within the course, there were also five written case scenario homework assignments for the students to complete.’
    • ‘Undue demands in terms of course content, assignments and examinations should not be made.’
    • ‘Parents can teach a child study skills with reading directions, study examples and writing down assignments.’
    • ‘I just hope I can keep the momentum going and not be tempted to procrastinate on assignments and tasks.’
    • ‘No wonder our students are puzzled by the disjunction between course readings and academic writing assignments.’
    • ‘One of the highlights of the site is a set of sample exercises and assignments used in online courses at various campuses.’
    • ‘You've got to do your homework, complete class assignments and study for tests.’
    • ‘The books include writing assignments, as well as activities that link to social studies and science.’
    • ‘This means that she scored 6.5 or higher out of a possible seven in assignments throughout her course.’
    • ‘The multicultural day was part of a school assignment, where students studied every aspect of a chosen culture.’
    • ‘We both have people to talk to occasionally, and to call if we forgot a homework assignment, and study with and such, but neither us have had a real, actual friend since middle school.’
    • ‘Writing a research paper was the second assignment in the course.’
    • ‘Course assignments must be completed within one year of enrolling.’
    • ‘It is a viable technique that we use in many of our courses and assignments.’
    task, piece of work, piece of business, job, duty, chore, charge, labour, function, commission, mission, errand, engagement, occupation, undertaking, exercise, business, office, responsibility, detail, endeavour, enterprise
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    1. 1.1The allocation of a job or task to someone.
      ‘the effective assignment of tasks’
      • ‘She's come to Australia on assignment and to visit her best friend Catherine.’
      • ‘He was sent there on assignment and she tagged along.’
      • ‘This would make a great difference in a situation where a destroyer developed critical problems while on assignment away from its base.’
      • ‘All the senior reporters working from the Chicago Tribune were out on assignment.’
      • ‘I spent Saturday morning roving around the neighborhood looking for yard sales… not because I wanted to buy anything, but because I was on assignment.’
      • ‘Many of you will have seen some permutation of the mass e-mail joke bouncing around where the narrator is a news photographer, on assignment, having to make a tough call.’
      • ‘Her conduct on assignment bordered on the unethical.’
      • ‘I have on occasion met some of my superiors on assignment, but they are usually in disguise or there is limited light.’
      • ‘Regardless of availability, career development in an officer's functional area is an important piece in the assignment process.’
      • ‘The memorial pays tribute to 1,606 reporters, editors, photographers and broadcasters who died or were killed on assignment.’
      • ‘Marriage, and the birth of a son in 1875, did not hold him back from touring to faraway places on assignment, including the Arctic and Spain.’
      • ‘The film then blurs space-time boundaries as it sends the two filmmakers on assignment to interview the key characters surrounding the hero's life.’
      • ‘And actually, I think Matt will be doing that interview, because I'll be traveling on assignment that day.’
      • ‘A weary group of well-known Tasmanian nature photographers has just walked out of there, on assignment for the World Wide Fund for Nature.’
      • ‘What is the typical field worker's task assignment for the day?’
      • ‘A National Geographic journalist will be on assignment around the area as well.’
      • ‘A person whose performance has slacked off may be reacting to changes in the work environment, management, work task or assignment.’
      • ‘They expect employees will be out on assignment for much of their time so they will not need the space which would once have been their base.’
      • ‘I had to decline as I'm going to be on assignment, either in Switzerland or Washington.’
      • ‘The majority of foreign workers come to India on assignment with their parent companies.’
    2. 1.2US The task or post to which one has been appointed.
      ‘his assignment was to the County Court’
      ‘I was on assignment for a German magazine’
      • ‘Also, 164 employees were attending training programs, and 189 were on assignment outside their office.’
      • ‘Graduating from West Point in 1907, Arnold earnestly desired an assignment to the cavalry but instead was posted to the infantry.’
      • ‘Before he arrived in Bulgaria last October, Roel was posted on a similar assignment, on social dialogue, in Slovakia.’
      • ‘On assignment for the Mirror, I decided to lurk around various pieces to see whether anyone was paying attention.’
      • ‘A point of contact for each position posts the requirements and location of the assignment, and anyone can view the job listings and apply if interested.’
      • ‘The Balmain photographer, on assignment in the Big Apple, was staying at his agent's eighth-floor apartment a little more than a kilometre from the tragedy.’
      • ‘Charlotte has been married to Jon, a hip young photographer on assignment in Japan, for two years.’
      • ‘People who attended the public events were mostly expatriate wives who are raising families while their husbands are on assignment in Shanghai.’
      • ‘Her favorite assignment, though, is working the window at the post office.’
      • ‘It was an assignment that changed the course of his life.’
      • ‘Carl had fallen in love with them in Bangalore where he had been posted on an assignment.’
      • ‘Kell had served 13 years before his assignment to the communications post at Kamiseya, Japan, in 1966.’
      • ‘The company has a number of Irish people on assignment from its Fab 24 facility in various locations across the US including Oregon and Arizona.’
      • ‘The trainees will spend an additional two weeks on assignment in Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts / Nevis and St Vincent and the Grenadines.’
      • ‘Wool's post in New York City seemed the perfect assignment for the general to finish out his remarkable career.’
      • ‘He has been busy on assignment in the Brazilian Mission for the past six an a half years.’
      • ‘Bob Dunlop, who formerly filled that post, moved to another assignment at the beginning of the season, and his former position has yet to be filled.’
      • ‘At least 4 journalists from the mainstream media have already died on assignment this year.’
  • 2The attribution of someone or something as belonging.

    ‘the assignment of individuals to particular social positions’
    • ‘The assignment of objects across cultures to any one of these categories ranged from the arbitrary and humorous to the disturbing and offensive.’
    • ‘It is also the event which explains more clearly than any other the place of assignment, designation and organization in the life of mankind.’
    • ‘The patient pathography is included as an integral part of the patient assignment for these courses.’
    • ‘These reviewers were not aware of the study group assignments of the patients.’
    • ‘But I also don't want to toss out controlled vocabularies, or expert assignment of categories.’
    • ‘Since not all the taxa included in the second group have been studied, the assignment of rank as subsections or sections requires more data.’
    • ‘All parties involved in vehicle assignment, issue, and maintenance should participate.’
    • ‘Other issues include specific assignment of what equipment is required, and who provides the equipment for the contract.’
    • ‘Altion is in the area of network capacity management, administration and circuit assignment.’
    • ‘An assignment to this category is straightforward for duplicates with amino acid sequences of identical length.’
    • ‘Because these projected experiments had never been done, assignment to a risk category was, of course, somewhat speculative and subjective.’
    • ‘Thus, current district policies on school assignment are likely to need a major overhaul.’
    • ‘One drawback to the study was the nonrandom assignment to intervention and nonintervention groups.’
    • ‘They will cooperate in budget and financial management, staffing and assignment, medical information and information technology systems.’
    • ‘Each derived categorical instrument has its own rules for status assignment.’
    • ‘Smears were taken using the same technique in both groups and interpreted by technicians who were not aware of the patient assignment in the study.’
    • ‘No statistically significant difference existed in knowledge by task assignment of driver versus navigator.’
    • ‘Assembly, filling of gaps, and verification of ambiguous organism assignment would probably be performed most efficiently at one central laboratory.’
    • ‘The combat data system carries out automatic threat evaluation and weapon assignment, target designation, and hard and soft kill co-ordination.’
    • ‘This study is intended to generate hypotheses that can be tested using prospective research designs and/or random assignment to a controlled clinical trial.’
    allocation, allotment, issuing, issuance, awarding, grant, granting, administration, earmarking, designation, setting aside, budgeting
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  • 3An act of making a legal transfer of a right, property, or liability.

    ‘an assignment of leasehold property’
    • ‘There was no conveyance, assignment or transfer.’
    • ‘Moreover, transferees under an equitable assignment need to join the transferor when suing the debtor/obligor.’
    • ‘An assignment by the mortgagee is not such an action or proceeding.’
    • ‘I therefore find that the assignment was valid and the assignee could sue in its own name.’
    • ‘Sub-lettings, assignments, lease flexibility and concessions to tenants are now becoming the norm.’
    transfer, making over, giving, passing on, handing down, conveyance, consignment, alienation
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    1. 3.1A document effecting the legal transfer of a right or property.
      • ‘At this stage there is a lot of paper work to be completed such as, direct debits, life assignments, legal documents.’
      • ‘The Court disregards the opinion of any witness for either side as to what constitutes an assignment document!’
      • ‘The employer executes a deed of assignment in standard form assigning legal ownership of the policies to each of the employees concerned and the insurers are notified accordingly.’
      • ‘The directors have incorporated the effect of the deed of assignment in these financial statements as they consider this gives a correct reflection of the nature of the underlying transactions.’
      • ‘It is important to note that para 25 does no more, but no less, than to preserve the legal effect of a pre-commencement assignment or agreement to assign.’


Late Middle English: from Old French assignement, from medieval Latin assignamentum, from Latin assignare allot (see assign).