Definition of assignee in US English:



  • 1A person to whom a right or liability is legally transferred.

    • ‘We have reached a point where use of a work can be forbidden by the author or his heirs or assignees for the author's entire lifetime, and then for two generations thereafter.’
    • ‘The very essence of a specific charge is that the assignee takes possession, and is the person entitled to receive the book debts at once.’
    • ‘It seems to me to follow that, if the company refused to register the transfers, the registered holder would be compelled to hold the shares as trustees for the assignees.’
    • ‘Assignment results in the transfer from the assignor to the third-party assignee of the right to proceed directly against the debtor or obligor.’
    • ‘I therefore find that the assignment was valid and the assignee could sue in its own name.’
    heir, heiress, inheritor, legatee
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  • 2A person appointed to act for another.

    • ‘In fact, it was the assignee of the legatee, but the difference is immaterial.’
    • ‘In such circumstances, it is vital that as much assistance and training as possible is given prior to the assignment and that the assignee receives ongoing support and career development from the employer back in Ireland.’
    • ‘How did your client manage to assign the lease without having to show the assignee's solicitors what was in the lease?’


Middle English: from Old French assigne, past participle of assigner ‘allot’ (see assign).