Definition of assessor in English:



  • 1A person who evaluates the quality of a person or thing.

    ‘the assessor interviews the candidates and observes them actually using the language’
    • ‘I was one of the assessors on a selection board to identify young police officers with high potential for promotion.’
    • ‘The assessor assured me that in a real-life situation my low score in the deadline department would be explained to a potential employer in the context of other influencing factors.’
    • ‘One of the first challenges facing any independent assessor will be to ass ess the amount of freight leaving the ferries.’
    • ‘The student and the assessor would then meet.’
    • ‘Assessors might watch as students make a group presentation but individually focus on a particular student.’
    • ‘This implies but does not require that all assessors are professionals in the same field as the doctor being assessed.’
    • ‘"But entrepreneurs aren't trained to be good assessors of talent - that's not their strong suit," Robinson says.’
    • ‘In our initial hiring process, we developed an audition - yes, we called it an audition - in which assessors looked for a certain entrepreneurial mind-set.’
    • ‘These centers assess employees' career potential and development needs, with psychologists often included among the assessors.’
    1. 1.1 A person who calculates or estimates the price or value of something.
      ‘loss assessors were beginning to get an idea of the extent of the damage’
      ‘the county tax assessor had reported separate valuations for the buildings and the land’
      • ‘An insurance assessor is lured into joining a gang of arsonists but later reforms.’
      • ‘He is a loss assessor with an expertise in residential, commercial, and industrial property claims.’
      • ‘In some cities, owners of commercial buildings are required to file income statements for each such property with the assessor.’
      • ‘The village also elects a board of assessors to assess the lease rent.’
      • ‘The data, which typically come from county clerk offices or property assessors, can be out of date.’
      • ‘His first responsible role came in 1301, as assessor of that year's subsidy.’
      • ‘They now had to swear to the veracity of their tax returns, and government assessors could now challenge a return.’
      • ‘The question of how an assessor might identify such a property value is a complex question.’
      • ‘They will work on establishing terms of reference for the new expert cost assessors.’
      • ‘As in most taxing jurisdictions, the assessor first appraises the separate market value of land and buildings for each taxable parcel.’
    2. 1.2 A person who is knowledgeable in a particular field and is called upon for advice, typically by a judge or committee of inquiry.
      ‘the expert assessor recommended that the applicant have sole custody’
      • ‘The technical assessor commented that the strategy might be liable to insect infestation in the rainy months.’
      • ‘I have worked as a manuscript assessor, and these letters were inspired by correspondence I had with writers.’
      • ‘On the question of the opening up of arms dumps to independent assessors, he said this did not constitute decommissioning.’
      • ‘With respect to agricultural improvements, he is an assessor who seizes upon soil improvement to violate the spirit of the laws he is administering.’
      • ‘We are receiving the training necessary to become environmental assessors.’
      • ‘Sources confirmed that an international assessor would prove the best option to resolving the deadlock over tunnel height specifications.’
      • ‘Our understanding of air pollution has been dependent on collaboration between meteorologists, exposure assessors, physiologists, and many others.’
      • ‘More surprising is that the panel chose not to seek evaluations from independent and authoritative assessors of landscape design.’
      • ‘In the early 1990s, a Disney script assessor released a seven-page memo to the heads of the studio.’
      • ‘The company's medical assessor recommended they wait for six months to see if the patient had improved or not.’